Agricultural insurance

At Santam, we understand the challenges, and risks that go along with protecting your crops and assets. We know that heavy rain, hail and drought can have a catastrophic impact on your bottom line which is why we want to help you create a sustainable business.

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  • Comprehensive cover - Santam Agriculture not only protects your crops and assets, but also protects you from exposure to liabilities on your farms as a result of damage to your properties, spread of fire, dam wall damage, death or injuries, product liability and much more.
  • Specialist solutions - Ranging from pivot irrigation systems to livestock, our specialist products have been designed to suit your needs.
  • Value-added benefits - Santam Agriculture offers you added benefits when insuring your assets, such as access to emergency medical assistance and funeral cover for yourself and your farm workers. Santam clients who belong to registered and approved Fire Protection Associations (FPA) also benefit from reduced premiums.

Fire safety for farmers

Few things are more devastating to a farmer’s livelihood than a runaway fire. To mitigate these risks, Santam Agriculture has partnered with South African farmers to create awareness of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act to further encourage proactive fire risk management.

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The benefits of insuring with us

Santam is the insurer of choice for millions of South Africans countrywide. We help you be safe and stay safe – everywhere you go. If you need five more reasons to choose Insurance good and proper.

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Fight fires with the right insurance protection

It is widely understood that, effective wildfire management is impeded by a lack of integration between research results, technological development and efforts by fire managers to, protect the environment and humans against wildfires. Santam understands this risk which is why we have included fire extinguishing charges as part of our Agri policy offering.

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Value-added services

Our agricultural policy is extended to include the following 24-hour services/cover free of charge:

  • A personal health advisor (24-hour medical services);
  • Emergency medical services (ambulance, helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft);
  • Legal assistance; and
  • A crisis line.
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World-Class Research

Santam is the only South African insurer with a scientific experimental farm that conducts accurate, in-depth hail damage simulation research on crops in order to ensure accurate damage assessments. Our research entails specific analyses of crop damage at different growth stages that are unique to South Africa’s climate, soil and cultivars.

In the news

Optimal solutions offer comprehensive protection for wine producers

08 March 2022

The 2021-‘22 wine grape season has been a successful albeit expensive one thus far. Production is expected to be somewhat lower than last season’s almost 1,46 million tons, but still above the five-year average of 1,34 million tons.

Santam donates R100 000 towards fighting locust plagues

04 March 2022

Santam, donated R100 000 to the Agri SA Disaster Relief Foundation to mobilise aerial assistance in the Northern Cape to control large-scale locust outbreaks.

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Contact details

Our new world-class facility recently increased its members of staff in order to improve on our service to clients and intermediaries. We are building the skills and capacity required to operate as the best agriculture contact centre in South Africa.

Contact Centre Details:

F 086 010 2001
T 086 024 7400

Comprehensive contact lists

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