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Our standard Agriculture insurance policy can be customised to meet the needs of any farm. Take a look at some of highly recommended covers for the following farms.

Cover for any farm

Our standard Agriculture insurance can be customised to meet the needs of any farm. Take a look at some of our highly recommended covers for the following farms.

Wine farming

South Africa ranks eighth among the largest wine-producing countries in the world. We have taken the time to truly understand this dynamic industry and offer wine farm solutions that provide fire cover, crop cover, extended liability, accidental loss or damage and more.

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Poultry farming

The broiler industry is South Africa’s largest individual agricultural industry, contributing about 20% to the total gross value of agricultural products. We offer broiler farmers cover for the chicks from a day old and business interruption cover following damage.

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Dairy farming

Dairy is the fifth largest agricultural sector in the industry. It's a highly competitive sector, increasingly threatened by climate conditions. Dairy relies heavily on machinery, and at Santam, we cover all your machinery, equipment and livestock.

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Game farming

Our game farms hold a special place in the hearts of South Africans. As an industry, it has unique risks and challenges, which is why Santam introduced cover that caters for the game industry specifically – covering animals, game fences and more.

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Fruit farming

More than 50% of our agricultural exports are fruit, contributing 2.5% to South Africa's GDP. Santam understands the specific needs of the industry and not only offers crop insurance, but also fire and lighting cover for fruit and nut-bearing trees as part of your asset policy.

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Grain farming

Grain is a thriving industry, contributing over R74 billion to the GDP. Santam offers cover specific to the industry and its needs - covering your silo or silo bags, combine harvester and combine head and everything in between. We also offer cover for stacked bales on the asset policy.

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Livestock farming

Livestock farming is the biggest agricultural sector in South Africa. However, the industry suffers many threats – from diseases to weather and theft. Santam offers a range of cover solutions from fire and lighting for cattle and sheep, weather and water-related perils, attacks from wild animals and more.

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A 24-hour advice line, manned by experienced in-house attorneys – offering general legal advice, labour law advice, legal documentation, and many other forms of legal expertise. 

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