From egg to chicken, your farm is covered

Santam is a leading insurer in the agricultural sector. We offer comprehensive cover to poultry farmers, small or large. Cover ranges from equipment/machinery to business interruption to protection for your chicks from one-day old and more.

Recommended insurance for your poultry farm

Our expertise in the agricultural sector means that we understand your unique challenges, allowing us to help you manage your risk with comprehensive cover to suit your specific needs. Santam Agriculture insures layer hens under the Fire section, along with the rest of the farmer’s property such as chicken sheds. Insurance for broilers, on the other hand, is very different as these are chickens reared for consumption.


Protect your property, such as poultry, buildings, plants, machinery and stock, against damage caused by fire, lightning and explosion, earthquakes, storm, wind, water, hail and snow, impact by a vehicle or an aircraft, and a power surge. 

Business all risks

Cover all your bases. This insurance provides comprehensive cover for the loss of or damage to specified equipment. 

Machinery breakdown

The machinery in your premises is exposed to all kinds of risks. Our policy cover goes beyond fire and theft and can be extended to include accidental damage on the machinery breakdown section. This type of insurance covers not only large farms but also smaller ones, where machinery breakdown could lead to huge financial loss.  

Electronic equipment

Electronic equipment is an integral part of your business and should be properly insured against damage or loss. We cover your laptops, tablets and similar portable devices anywhere in the world. We also offer optional cover for precision farming equipment of a specialist nature. 

Public liability

Protect yourself and your farm against legal liabilities for property damage or bodily injury to third parties. This can be extended to include liability for any product you have supplied, manufactured or repaired, as well as defective workmanship.

Goods in transit

Protect your goods when on the road. We offer several options to protect you against the loss of goods in transit due to fire, collision, theft, hijacking and more. We also cover damage to pesticides, herbicides and fertiliser while being dispensed. 

Business interruption

Should you be unable to run your business due to certain insured events, we provide cover for loss of profit and fixed costs that prevent, reduce or interrupt your trade – helping to keep your farm in business.  

Asset insurance

A farm consists of more than crops, including vehicles, buildings, farm implements and computer equipment. And every single item plays a vital role in keeping your farm working. We offer specialised asset insurance that is particular to your specific sector. We go beyond crop insurance and offer farmers insurance that covers property, vehicles, liability, guesthouses and much more.


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