If it’s worth having in my life, it’s worth protecting

We believe that, because you care about your valuables, you need good and proper insurance that does the same. Your possessions aren’t just things. They represent the life you’ve worked so hard for. They reflect your personality, your style and what you value. And they’re worth protecting. Santam offers peace of mind with comprehensive insurance for your car, home, and your valuable possessions.

The extra mile for you

Protection for you and your family

Our 24/7 emergency services include roadside assistance, chauffeur services, household repairs and much more. Call 0860 505 911.

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Use our online calculators

You can avoid being caught short by using our online risk calculators to determine the correct value of your home and its contents.

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Insurance solutions to suit your needs

Affordable insurance is not the same as cheap insurance. Let us help you find the right insurance solution for your needs at an affordable rate.

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Insurance for my vehicle

Your vehicle is what makes your incredible life possible. It gets you from A to B with memories made along the way. Let Santam protect your vehicle against the cost of accidents, theft, third-party claims and other risks.


Insurance for my house

Every day, your house is exposed to many potential risks and the effects of which can be devastating. Our building insurance covers the structures of your home and any fixtures or fittings that belong to you.

Insurance for my belongings

Home contents insurance provides protection for the valuable possessions that make your house a home. Beyond insuring the building that gives you shelter, protect items important to you from loss or damage with adequate cover.


Santam Switch

We offer unbundled insurance, which means you can pick & choose the items you want to insure. You also have the flexibility to switch on & pay for cover only when you need it.


Insurance in the palm of your hand. Take control.


Easy, convenient management of all your insurance policy details.

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To get insurance for you, provide a few details and let us call you, or call us on 0860 444 444.