A community working to protect against fires

As a leading insurer, and part of the community, we understand that our role in protecting clients against fire goes beyond insurance - we support communities, fire managers and technical experts who are working to fast-track wildfire risk reduction practices and create fire-safe environments. We actively participate in a cooperative partnership between communities and local governments that drives awareness and education to help prevent wildfire disasters.

Fighting fire with smart cover

By their very nature, farms are particularly vulnerable to wildfires with the first national fire disaster recorded in February 1869 when a fire demolished 480 kilometres of land between Humansdorp and Swellendam. The devastation they bring goes beyond the farm and its livestock - entire communities and livelihoods can be affected. Santam offers its agriculture clients a choice of types of insurance and benefits to protect against unforeseen damage or losses due to fire.

Fire insurance for livestock and assets

Protect the assets of your farm, as well as the livestock or game on it. Under our livestock and game section, we provide cover against the death of the insured animal against fire. We also offer cover for assets such as fencing and gates, buildings and structures, and other goods and equipment, including plastic tunnels, greenhouses, shade net constructions, pivots and poultry, silo bags, bunkers and farmworker’s houses and contents.


Fire extinguishing charges

Extinguishing a fire on your property can incur huge costs and involve expensive measures, including water bombing by air. Under various sections of the policy will we indemnify farmers against reasonable fire extinguishing costs if your own property is threatened by fire. The Spread of Fire extension on Santam’s Public Liability section also protects you should the fire spread and you become liable to pay for damages to neighbouring property.

Public liability

Your farm is part of a broader community – when a wildfire breaks out on your property, your neighbours could also be affected. Under our public liability cover, we provide cover against damage should a farmer become legally liable for a fire that starts on their property and spreads and causes damage to neighbouring farms.


FPA incentive

A community that works together, thrives together. Fire Protection Associations (FPAs) are community-based landowner organisations set up to help predict, prevent, manage and extinguish veld, forest and mountain fires. Effective management of veldfires requires organisational structure, strategy, plans, information, networks, skills and equipment that can seldom be provided by a landowner alone. For this reason, Santam encourages clients to become members of registered Fire Protection Associations (FPAs). As an incentive, Santam rewards member clients with more competitive insurance premiums and excess incentives. Farmers belonging to an FPA are also in a much better position to manage fires, which significantly reduces the risk for the farmer and Santam.

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