Insurance solutions to protect your grain and help grow your farm

Uncertain climatic conditions (droughts, flooding, hail, frost) and disasters such as veld fires and uncontrollable plant diseases all mean that farmers need to ensure adequate and correct insurance. With more than 90 years’ experience in crop insurance, country-wide infrastructure and an unparalleled reputation as a market leader, we can offer you crop insurance that is customised to meet your exact needs.

Recommended insurance for your grain farm

Our range of flexible, comprehensive solutions are backed by in-depth research and extensive experience. We understand the challenges that fruit farmers face, allowing us to create products that help you manage risk. Farming as an industry covers a huge diversity of sectors, each with its own individual needs. We provide flexible policies which take your insurance needs into account. These include cover for pivot irrigation systems, guesthouses, to name a few.


With our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, we are leaders in crop insurance providing innovative risk management solutions for your grain farm and related products.

Irrigation systems

The modern farmer uses sophisticated irrigation systems to water his fields. These are exposed to numerous perils on a daily basis and can be expensive to replace or repair. This cover offers protection against fire and accidental damage.

Vehicle insurance

Your vehicles are often some of the hardest workers on the farm. We cover your cars, bakkies, trucks, trailers, tractors, combine harvester and combine head and farm implements with comprehensive cover, third party, fire and theft or third party only.

Business interruption

Should you be unable to run your business due to certain insured events, we provide cover for loss of profit and fixed costs that prevent, reduce or interrupt your trade.


Protect your property and your fields. We provide owners of grain farms with extensive fire cover, that includes cover for silos and silo bags.

Liability insurance

In a challenging business environment, the last thing you need is to be burdened with the costs related to risks associated with your products.

Goods in transit

Protect your goods when on the road. We offer several options to protect you against the loss of goods in transit due to fire, collision, theft, hijacking and more. We also cover damage to pesticides, herbicides and fertiliser while being dispensed.

Machinery breakdown

The machinery in your premises is exposed to all kinds of risks daily. Our policy cover goes beyond fire and theft and can be extended to include accidental damage on the machinery breakdown section. We also cover costs incurred for overtime and express freight to repair the machine so it can get back to work as quickly as possible.

Asset insurance

A farm consists of more than crops, including vehicles, buildings, farm implements and computer equipment. And every single item plays a vital role in keeping your farm working. We offer specialised asset insurance that is particular to your specific sector. We go beyond crop insurance and offer farmers insurance that covers property, vehicles, liability, guesthouses and much more.

Asset farm insurance

Crop insurance

Despite modern techniques, there are still numerous risks and challenges facing farmers and their crops. As your partner in agriculture, we understand that effective risk management is crucial. We offer more than crop insurance expertise; we invest in our own research into conditions affecting crops and use this knowledge to advise and create effective risk management solutions for a sustainable future.

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