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Santam is the leading general insurance company in South Africa with a proud history of supporting SMEs by understanding what is important to them and the risks they face. We demonstrate commitment to our clients in Commercial business sectors by providing them with Emergency assistance and Legal Advice at no cost to them. Roadside Assist is still available at a minimal cost per vehicle only in South Africa, keeping your business going with peace of mind.


If you find yourself in an emergency, take comfort in knowing that you will be taken care of. With our 24-Hour Emergency Assistance, you’ll get a whole lot of benefits such as around-the-clock emergency medical assistance and emergency transportation. You’ll also get telephonic support in trauma situations, a 24/7 contact centre that offers personalized health advice, and telephonic counselling in cases of trauma, assault and HIV cases. 


Invariably in any business unforeseen matters that require legal intervention do arise. As a business owner, you need peace of mind in the day-to-day running of operations. From ensuring that your business is compliant with the law, to knowing that your business is on the right track with marketing and copyright matters, there are many situations in which you may need consultation and advice. Santam can support you with Legal advice relating to standard business operations such as employment, business protection, industry-specific laws, regulations, workplace safety and more.


Need Roadside Assist? We have an optional policy extra for a reasonable cost per vehicle. You’ll get emergency assistance or tow-in service for the specified vehicle if you have a mechanical or electrical breakdown (including a flat battery or if you have a flat tyre). You’ll receive 10 litres of fuel if your vehicle runs out, limited to 6 times per renewal period, the passing-on of messages, call-out fee and the first hour of labour to use a locksmith (including accidentally locking the key inside your car).


To recap, previously, Tourism, Guesthouse, Wine Industry (only available in South Africa) and Agriculture offerings benefited from our 24-Hour Emergency Assistance and Legal Advice. From 2023 onwards, the service is available to Commercial and Heavy Haulage offerings as well as Educational and Religious Institutions at no extra cost. 


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