Education – enjoy the rewards by ensuring you cover the risks

Managing a school often comes with as many risks as rewards. There is nothing simple about meeting your obligations to learners, parents, staff, and governing bodies. Santam’s Educational institution’s insurance helps you ensure that your establishment is safeguarded. It not only covers the physical school building, property and assets, but also the principal, learners, teachers and other employees, trustees, members of the governing body and other representatives.

Extensive insurance to keep your school running

Santam’s insurance expertise covers a wide range of fields. With over 100 years of experience, we have designed a tailored solution to meet your school’s specific needs. Listed below are just a few of the covers available for educational institutions:

Fire and other insured perils

When the unthinkable happens, you can trust that we have you covered. Protect your school’s assets such as stock, machinery and equipment against damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, weather, water, malicious damage and more.


A school consists of more than just classrooms. Our building insurance provides comprehensive cover for all school buildings and structures including thatched lapas, swimming pools and pumps, stands and tennis courts, sporting and recreational structures and borehole pumps by an insured peril.

Business all risks

Insure the things that help make a school a place to learn and grow. Get comprehensive cover for specified items on and off the premises, including paintings, video cameras, audio-visual equipment, theatrical equipment, laboratory equipment, catering equipment, trophies and more.

Deterioration of stock

When you’re feeding hundreds of learners and teachers, that’s a lot of food that can spoil. Make sure your school is protected against the deterioration of stock due to unforeseen physical loss or damage to fridges and freezers.

Business interruption

Schools are businesses. And when a business experiences an interruption due to an insured event, it can result in lost revenue. This cover can also be extended to include loss of revenue due to theft, accidental damage and damage to electronic equipment.


Safeguard your school trips and other journeys. Cover your school’s motor vehicles including bakkies, buses, trucks, trailers, caravans, motorcycles, and modified vehicles such as specialist ride-on grass-cutting equipment. The cover also includes vehicle hire and insurance for loss of use. There are multiple cover options to select from.


Many schools keep money on their premises or need to transport it from time to time. We provide cover against the loss of or damage to cash held on the premises and while in transit.


We offer a wide range of liability cover solutions to ensure schools are protected against many eventualities. We cover the legal liabilities of the school, teachers and learners for accidental damage to someone else’s property as well as injury or death

Umbrella liability

This cover is used as a top-up on the standard liability cover. It provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have an additional layer of protection when you need it.

Group personal accident

Schools know more than most that accidents happen. This cover can be provided to learners and teachers for any accidental bodily injury suffered. Standard cover is for death, permanent disability, temporary total disablement and limited emergency expenses.

Electronic equipment

As a place of learning, schools are dependent on computer equipment, including specialist printers and the school computer lab for their day-to-day activities. Insurance is provided on the premises on an all risks basis for specified equipment, as well as electronic equipment such as laptop, tablet or other similar portable electronic equipment designed to be carried by person that teachers and staff take home with them.

Customise your cover

Our intermediaries are knowledgeable, skilled experts who can guide you through the many cover options and ensure you get the right cover for your specific needs.

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