Supply chain finance

We provide solutions that allow businesses to benefit from better payment terms to suppliers while providing suppliers with the option to get paid early.

Solutions operate independently from banks and aim to unlock value in the supply chain for clients. This ensures an optimised balance sheet and enhances clients' returns.

The combined expertise of the Supply Chain Finance and Credit Insurance pillars enable the team to achieve powerful synergies within the trade finance market.

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Registration and license numbers

South Africa

  • Santam Structured Insurance Limited (FSP 1027)
  • Santam Structured Life Limited (FSP 1026)
  • Santam SI Investments Proprietary Limited (FSP 1028) 
The directors serving on the companies above are:

Directors: L Lambrechts (Chairperson), ME Dilotsotlhe (Non-Executive), QM Matthew (Non-Executive), HD Nel (Non-Executive), DN Edwards (Non-Executive), MP Fandeso (Non-Executive), PVC Smith (Non-Executive), G Arroyo (Chief Executive Officer), R Le Roux (Executive), PJ Meyer (Alternate to R Le Roux), Taryn Manikam (Company Secretary)


  • Santam Structured Reinsurance Limited PCC (License OC00006823)
  • Santam Structured Insurance Limited PCC (License C116015506)
The directors serving on the companies above are:

Directors: G Arroyo (Chairperson), Ms R Le Roux (Non-Executive), D Adolphe (Executive), A Fox (Non-Executive), W de Villiers du Toit (Non-Executive), S Alexander Mc Pherson (Alternate to A Fox and W de Villiers du Toit), T Gamedze (Non-Executive), P Jhugroo (Non-Executive), K Mamet (Non-Executive)

  • Santam SI Investments Mauritius Limited (Company Registration Number C40575)
Directors: G Arroyo (Chairperson), Ms R Le Roux (Non-Executive), D Aldolphe (Executive), W de Villiers du Toit (Non-Executive), T Gamedze (Non-Executive)