Cybercrime is serious business – you need serious protection

If you think your business is immune to cybercrime, cyber incident, cyber extortion or data breach risk, think again. We live in a connected world – sharing information and data digitally across the globe in a matter of moments. However, this convenience and freedom come with risks to our privacy and security. The rapidly escalating frequency and complexity of cybercrime make it difficult for even the most sophisticated security measures to keep up. Santam is a leading specialist cyber insurer, and we understand the far-reaching ramifications that growing cyber risks could have on small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We offer tailor-made comprehensive cyber, privacy and media insurance solutions for SMEs.

Cover for a growing risk

On-going risk management expertise

We offer a cloud-based platform providing next generation Digital Risk Protection to help our policy-holders protect their organisations from external threats and cyber attacks introduced by the deep & dark web and their ever expanding digital exposure. Included in your Cyber SME Policy is access to a Business Monitoring solution to help your organisation and employees to stay safe online.

Reduce and manage risk

We help businesses reduce and manage their risks and if disaster strikes, we get them up and running again as quickly as possible. In an ever-changing risk environment, it is essential to stay one step ahead. We continually innovate to ensure our products remain relevant to our clients’ needs.

Expert solutions for small to medium-sized businesses

Our innovative, comprehensive solutions are designed to help owners of small to medium-sized businesses who, due to cyberattacks, may suffer the loss, compromise, or theft of electronic data that can negatively impact their organisation, including reputational damage.

Types of cyber insurance

Santam’s bespoke cyber insurance offers innovative, practical solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises.

First-party expenses

Once a breach occurs, there are a range of expenses to get the business back on track. These expenses cover costs to restore data and appoint specialists such as investigators, forensic auditors and loss adjusters.

Business interruption

We will pay you the value of reduced net profit the business suffered during an interruption caused by a cyber incident.

Reputation management expenses

The reputation of a business can be fragile. This covers the costs of a public relations consultant or related advertising expenses to repair any reputational or material brand damage.

Insurable administrative fines and penalties imposed by supervisory authority

This covers the legal defence costs as well as the amount of the fine or penalty itself.

Media liability

With the use of websites, social media and electronic media, there is always a risk of copyright or defamation allegations. This covers any resulting legal defence costs arising therefrom.

Theft of funds

When a network security breach leads to theft of funds, this covers you for any unauthorised electronic funds transferred from your bank account or alteration of data on your own computer system.

Notification expenses

When breaches happen, there are costs to notify affected parties and monitor any possible identity theft. The policy covers the related expenses incurred.

Cyber extortion and cybercrime

Should your data or system be locked or you are threatened by cyber extortionists, we cover the costs of the investigation and the payment of monies (where legally permissible).

Get the help of an expert

We understand the importance of working in partnership with our intermediaries to provide the best possible insurance solution. Together, we can guide you through the many cover options available, and ensure you are protected. Get peace of mind with insurance good and proper.

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