44% of holiday luggage doesn’t arrive at its destination

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Ensure you're covered with Santam

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In the season where things can go wrong, we’re there to help make it right, with an extra 10% home contents cover at no additional cost, from 15 December to 31 January.


The importance of an increase in cover


The months of December and January are when we usually spend time with loved ones, go on long-awaited trips away and indulge in gifts for family - or even something special for yourself? And why not: you work hard all year round, so this is the season to spoil yourself with gifts you deserve. These purchases can add up though, and if you’ve planned a trip away, or decided to rent out your house for the season, you won’t be home should something happen.


An increase in expensive purchases and the possibility of being away means a lot could go wrong. During this holiday season, insurance is probably the last thing on your mind. That’s why we’ve given you extra cover at no cost at a time of the year when you’ll need it the most, to ensure everything you own is properly covered, should something go wrong. So you can focus on enjoying your holiday.


Things to remember


The holiday season also means a higher risk of break-ins, damages to new items or an increase in home contents maintenance. Santam Insurance offers the extra cover at no additional cost to ensure that you have sufficient cover over the buying and giving season. Our statistics show that an extra 10% cover means an additional R50 000 cover on average*, for all your home contents, should anything happen.


After 31 January, you’ll need to update your policy to ensure that all your new purchases have been added, as they will no longer be covered with the additional 10%. Remember to keep all your invoices and receipts and don’t forget to work out the current replacement value of the items.


Contact us if you have any questions or want to ensure you are adequately covered. Speak to your intermediary or call our customer care line 0860 444 444 for any general enquiries.


* The increase is applicable for 10% of the insured amount of house contents per policy. The R50 000 increase in cover is based on house contents insured for R500 000.