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Client app Santam app 3 min read 30 June 2022

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The past few years have seen the emergence of technology trends that are affecting nearly every industry. A multitude of technology advancements and shifts are reshaping products and services. Insurers are accelerating their digital transformation significantly to focus on the customer and boost operating profit, using digital platforms and algorithms to make their processes faster and much less tedious. Getting insurance quotes is now as easy as clicking a button and managing insurance cover accomplished via a mobile app.


The Santam digital self-service platforms/suite


On our journey to providing next generation insurance, we’re continually improving our digital self-service platforms/assets to deliver greater value to our intermediaries and clients. The world as we know it has changed dramatically – from how we socialise to how we interact with our clients, intermediaries, suppliers and other stakeholders – things aren’t the way they used to be.


Technology, of course, is critical to managing this change and remaining both relevant and competitive in our market. The Santam self-service suite, available 24/7, is a fully digital, DIY solution for our intermediaries and clients to stay up to date and manage insurance matters – instantly.


The Santam Broker Portal


The improved Santam Broker Portal is designed to make life easier and simpler. Newly refreshed with a design upgrade and additional functionality, our new-look portal will enable our intermediaries to get more done and faster, so they can spend less time on the administration of clients’ policies without losing their personal relationships.

The Client App and Client Portal


In our rapidly changing world, clients expect more than ever, especially when it comes to interacting directly with service providers online and through self-service platforms. The Santam Client App and Portal gives clients access to Santam’s 24/7 emergency and value-added services. At a touch of a button, clients can:


  • Enquire on policy information – clients are able to enquire on existing contact details (cellphone number, email address) as it appears on their policy, policy insured items (contents, building, all risk, vehicle, etc.), previously communicated policy documentation, their intermediary’s contact information
  • Request policy documentation – clients can request various policy documentation like the policy schedule, confirmation of cover letters and territorial letters
  • Register personal claims - clients are be able to register claims for personal motor and non-motor items (contents, vehicle, all risks, etc.), register motor claims and appoint a motor body repairer, register motor glass claims with immediate supplier allocation and instruction and select / instruct a supplier for motor, motor glass and plumbing incidents
  • Upload documents – functionality to upload documents, pictures, audio recordings, video recordings related to claims
  • Track personal claims – functionality to enquire on the progress of a claim, view who the claims consultant / assessor is, who received the claims settlement payment, view claims notes, etc.
  • SOS button - the SOS Emergency button gives clients a greater feeling of security by offering them help in emergencies like motor accidents, issues around the home and roadside assistance.
  • Request SOS/Value Added Services - can request emergency roadside assistance, home-based repair services, home drive assistance, and a range of other value-added benefits.


WhatsApp claims functionality


The launch of the WhatsApp functionality is also another way that clients can reach or engage with us and get an immediate response. Via WhatsApp, clients can request policy documents anytime and anywhere. They can request:


  • Detailed policy schedules
  • Confirmation of cover letters for vehicles, buildings, etc.
  • Border / territorial letters with an option to select a departure and return date


In these ever-changing times, the Santam digital self-service platforms do just that – delivering on insurance good and proper.


If you prefer to conduct your insurance affairs from your phone or tablet via the Santam app, download it here, and link your policy. The Santam App is free to download for anyone with an Android or Apple smartphone.