Load shedding: here’s how to minimise your risk

Load shedding: here’s how to minimise your risk

As the reality of load shedding continues in South Africa, many consumers want to know exactly what their insurance cover entails. 

Load shedding can have an enormous impact on consumers who must cope with the damage to their appliances brought on by power surges or risk loss through theft or burglary as a result of faulty security measures. 

We take a look at some of the top risks associated with load shedding and what types of damage or loss Santam will cover. 

Cover for 'faulty' security measures 

When there is load shedding there is a good chance that your home security measures may be affected, which may raise concerns around the safety of you and your loved ones. 

If you secure your home with a motorised gate and a home alarm system, you may wonder if you're going to be covered for theft and any other type of loss in the event of load shedding. 

The good news is that in most cases, we recognise that the cause of the loss was 'beyond your control.' At Santam, we will consider your claim for theft where your security systems did not function properly as a result of load shedding. 

What about power surges?

When there is load shedding, power surges may occur. Power surges happen when the electricity returns after an extended outage, sending an increased flow of current to a wall socket or an electrical box. This has the potential to damage your home appliances. 

As a Santam policyholder, you can opt for Accidental Damage cover, which covers damage caused by power surges. Santam's personal house contents section further provides cover for deterioration of contents of refrigerators but only if the load shedding exceeds 24 hours. 

Santam policyholders can be assured that each claim will be assessed and considered individually and that circumstances which were beyond your control very seriously.

If you have any questions or concerns about load shedding and your insurance cover, speak to your broker or call us on 0860 444 444.

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