Flooded? Here’s what you need to do

Flooded? Here’s what you need to do

Summer is here and with it comes the possibility of torrential rain and flooding in large parts of South Africa. Historically, most incidents of flooding takes place during December, January and February. Flooding can happen anywhere during the summer months and is not always linked to the rain season. They can occur as a result of other weather phenomena, particularly in coastal areas where sea surges can coincide with higher than normal water levels in rivers.

We've put together some advice and tips on how to prevent damage to your home and your belongings as well as what to do in the event of a flood.

  • When shopping around for a home, remember to ask about flooding potential in the area you're buying in. It helps to know which potential risks you face before the time.
  • In the event of torrential (and heavy) rain, always try and divert 'runoff' away from your house if possible.
  • Identify areas where water is likely to pool and flood into your home and address these by installing preventative measures such as a dry well. You could also consider installing tubes and pipes which could facilitate water into and out of the well.
  • Ensure that storm water infrastructure (conventional storm water infrastructure quickly drains storm water to rivers and streams) is kept clean on your property as well as in the road outside the property.
  • Pack an emergency box. If you live in an area that's known for flooding and make sure you know what to do when your house floods.

If you are a Santam insurance policyholder and you've been affected by a flood, contact our 24/7 SOS and claims line on 0860 505 911 or your broker. You could also register a claim on client.santam.co.zanavigate to the Policy page and start the process by clicking ‘Register a claim’.

Are you covered for floods? 

Santam provides cover for flooding as part of their personal insurance policies for cars, homes and house contents. In the event of flooding, we will cover you if all your home and household contents are insured for their replacement values while cars must be insured for their current market values.

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