We know how important the intermediary’s role is in the world of insurance

Intermediary as a business owner 3 min read 06 April 2018

Providing simplicity in a world of increasing complexity is more important than ever. As the short-term insurance industry continues to incorporate new technologies, products and processes to remain relevant and drive efficiencies, the role of the intermediary remains crucial, particularly when it comes to explaining complex terms, providing counsel, and supporting clients empathetically.  


The role of an intermediary is multifaceted and an important partnership for Santam.  We value the role intermediaries play as risk specialists, trusted advisors, and the range of skills and expertise they offer in the business of insurance. Among others, they are adept at breaking down complex concepts, simplifying industry jargon, and explaining financial terms to those who may not be financially savvy. In designing customised risk management solutions for individuals and businesses, intermediaries must not only be able to advise on how to mitigate various risks, but also be there for clients when things go wrong.  In this regard in particular, there is no substitute for a strong relationship built on trust and expertise and no better value than the ‘human factor’ that comes with an intermediary.   


At the heart of how we provide insurance good and proper are the people who deliver our products and services. Intermediaries are the ‘glue’ that connects us to our clients in a meaningful way and as such they are at the centre of Santam’s business model. 


2017 was a great example of the value of insurance, as well as role that intermediaries play in offering a ‘human connection’ with clients.  In a year where South Africa saw several major disasters, from crippling droughts to runaways fires, to flooding and devastating hailstorms, intermediaries stepped in and made things right in a significant way.  As the risk environment continues to evolve, with every day bringing a ‘new normal’, intermediaries play a critical role to adapt to change and to help clients to safeguard themselves and their assets.


Your business is our business


Santam’s reputation as the expert in short-term insurance has been established over 100 years. This is a result of us being proactive and listening to intermediaries and their needs.  In delivering insurance good and proper, the services provided by intermediaries are supported by some fundamentals, including Santam’s:


  • Large diversified portfolio: We pride ourselves on our balance sheet strength.
  • Strong brand: We enjoy high brand consideration and a well-regarded product offering
  • Claims paying ability: We promote claims as our differentiator, investing heavily in our service footprint and capability.
  • Procurement strength: We actively leverage our scale for procurement strength
  • Long-term sustainability and consistency: We offer world class IT and CRM platforms, driving rating capability and enabling service delivery across multiple channels and platforms.
  • Cost of acquisition: We are the market leader of internal cost of acquisition and management costs.


We continue to work hard to ensure Santam is recognised by its brokers and its clients as the leading general insurer in South Africa. Part of building upon this relationship has been some recent improvements to our digital tools, including an overhauled Santam broker portal, the launch of online calculators, and the development of the Risk Assessment app for brokers. 


For more information on Santam products, please visit our Intermediary Advice page.