Time for another holiday

Intermediary Holiday advice 3 min read 12 April 2017

According to the South African calendar, we are in for a series of long weekends soon. This is our reminder that we’ll cover clients both at home and on our roads.


Before they lock up


Help clients make sure they’ve done everything they can to ensure they are properly covered. They can:


  • Test their house alarm since they will not be covered if the alarm doesn’t work properly.
  • Re-evaluate their valuables and belongings and ensure that they have enough household insurance cover in case anything happens.
  • Turn off the water supply to the house to prevent possible damage due to the bursting of a water pipe.


And hit the road


We offer a host of convenience benefits (including emergency accommodation, vehicle repairs and a tow-in service) as part of our vehicle cover should something unforeseen happen on our roads. To prepare properly for a road trip, clients can:


  • Check the quality of their vehicle’s tyres to see if it is roadworthy. If the damage to a client’s vehicle is as a result of the vehicle not being roadworthy, their claim can be rejected.
  • Check that their wiper blades are fully functional. If worn out, they should be replaced.
  • Make sure their vehicle’s headlights work properly and offer good visibility. 



Make sure you are covered


Help clients get to their destinations - and back home – safely. Remind them that they have access to free 24/7 SOS services


  • Road assistance
  • Home assistance
  • Route assistance
  • Medical assistance
  • Home drive assistance
  • Legal advice



Just call us on 0860 505 911.