Innovation in our commercial contact centre

Today customers expect more from every business interaction. For many, this interaction starts and ends with their contact centre experience. Most consumers expect a personalised and unique service each and every time through every channel.  In a bid to deliver just that, Santam's Commercial Contact Centre (CCC) has undergone significant changes over the past few years to improve on its offering to the business' intermediaries. Encouragingly, the new year kicked off with an encouraging increase in the number of quotes provided and general servicing requests.


In order to ensure that our intermediaries' expectations are met and exceeded, Santam's CCC reviewed its Broker Liaison Officer (BLO) structure to ensure that it is able to improve its support to intermediaries when resource capacity is under pressure. Santam's BLO staff members are the go-to people for intermediaries who expect a different level of involvement in their queries.


Says Louise Pharo, Santam's head of Commercial Contact Centres: "We are transforming our processes in the Agency Maintenance team who report into the CCC. Recently intermediary records were successfully transferred from the current platform, onto a new system called Policy Centre from where it will be maintained going forward. "


Santam's contact centres are gradually phasing out the printing and distribution of schedules in paper format.  "We are still currently distributing a paper copy of the schedule, if it is preferred by intermediaries. This initiative has been accepted with commitment by Santam's intermediary community."


"We are also committed to delivering the best service possible through our people. That is why we have embarked on an underwriting programme to up skill our staff in order to optimise our service to intermediaries, says Louise.


Santam's CCC will also focus on more opportunities to improve its data quality this year in order to support better decision making. 


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