Improved Santam Risk Assessment App for increased protection, productivity and service

Risk Management 3 min read 17 October 2018

Santam’s Risk Assessment App has just had an exciting overall to bring you more tools, information and simplicity in the palm of your hand. The App allows you to give the most comprehensive advice to your clients, while saving you time and helping you be legally compliant with industry standards.


Risk management is not a one-size-fits-all solution – no two businesses are alike and neither are its risks. As risks are becoming more complex, clients are requesting more information around their insurance cover and regulators are demanding more accountability and compliance. Our Risk Assessment App eliminates the need for a paper-based system and the time-consuming capturing and recapturing of information. In fact, using our App will save you 60% of the time, which means 60% more value for your clients.


Watch the video for highlights of the new features we have added to the App:



New Record of Advice functionality: an all-important compliance component


If you’ve been using our App already, you’ll know that it offers great value to your clients by generating comprehensive risk reports through a seamless self-service experience. We have gone a step further to also ensure that you now enjoy greater protection with our new Record of Advice functionality. This legally compliant Record of Advice will show:


  • Cover Included and Not Included
  • Item, Peril and Extension coverages
  • Client authorisation letters
  • Advisor permits
  • Process and minimum data controls
  • Signature capture
  • Notes of discussion, changes
  • Visual records including photos, maps



Better manage risks


The App allows you know your client’s premises inside out with an aerial map function, as well as a walkthrough function where you can take visual records (photos, map) and capture details with the help of a detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire covers all the policy sections, with help buttons for the ones you’re not sure about. Once all the questions have been completed, you will get a Risk Advice report with suggested cover options, as well as actions, hints and tips. Risk Reports and Records of Advice can be uploaded in real time, saving you time on recapturing information back at the office.


Offer a better service


With information at your fingertips, you are now able to get to know your client’s coverage, risks and business premises really well and offer better client service. The App helps you to offer clients proactive and value-added risk advice, with detailed advice on cover options. Clients can also enjoy a faster turnaround time on renewals and quotes, and a reduced probability of being under-insured.


Save time and be more productive


The Santam Risk Assessment App is an ideal tool to use during client meetings, where everything can be updated in real time without the need for paper documents. This way you spend less time on administration. Here are a few features you can use during a client meeting:


  • Quick download of policy information
  • Auto-generation and distribution of documents
  • Auto-distribution of meeting minutes
  • Capturing signatures
  • RoA is the Needs Analysis and Instruction



Change the way you do business


The Santam Risk Assessment App’s self-serving functionality can change the way you do business:   


Increased accuracy


With set guidelines at hand, you are less likely to miss something during an assessment. Knowing what to look for and which questions to ask also enables you to understand and address risks with even greater confidence and accuracy. More accurate risk information results in better underwriting and more value to your clients.


It looks professional


Producing a comprehensive report in digital format not only improves the quality of the risk data, but also makes you look a lot more professional in the eyes of the client – a confidence booster for both intermediary and client.  


Faster and more efficient  


Many intermediaries still use a paper-based system to review and document client risks, having to then recapture the information digitally at a later stage. Conducting the assessment in real time using the App saves time uploading data and speeds up the communication process with your client. The App also features a simple drop-down navigation menu that prompts the user to enable one-touch inputs based on predefined risk assessment criteria.


Stronger client relationships


As an intermediary, the relationships you build are based on your ability to accurately assess client’s risks so you can recommend the right cover to them and help them understand their exposures. Being able to give your clients confident, informed advice in a professional format assures them that you have put in maximum effort and are looking out for their interests.


Centralisation of information


Keeping a client’s risk data in one centralised space is a more efficient and convenient way of working. The App gives you portable and immediate access to risk reports, allowing you to refer back to them at any time or update and keep track of changes in risk exposures and your client’s business.


Earning capability


Earning and charging advice fees to client is coming under increasing scrutiny from the regulatory advisors. The ability to ensure your client’s risk is documented accurately and give informed advice on risk improvement areas is evidence that you are adding substantial value, which justifies your risk management and advisory fees.


Download the app for iPad/tablet today to empower yourself with the tools to look at risk from different angles, add more value by educating your clients about risk assessment and experience an enhanced way of working. We’re excited to keep giving you new ways of offering insurance good and proper.


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If you have any questions about the App, speak to your relationship manager. For more advice tailored to intermediaries, visit our blog for useful product-related articles such as the main benefits and focus areas of good housekeeping for your clients.