Damaged cars: Easy, online claims for intermediaries

Claims time is crunch time - both for clients and intermediaries - which is why Santam is constantly working at new ways to make the claims process, for damaged cars, quick and easy. We have an experienced claims team on standby to assist you, around the clock, and we have dedicated online services (our broker portal) designed to simplify claims registrations.


Submit non-emergency claims for car insurance, online


The increase in severe weather-related claims means that there is significant pressure on our claims team, as well as our broader supply chain. We therefore ask for your patience and that you help us manage your clients’ expectations. You can also help us by reporting all damage and losses as soon as possible via our 24/7 claims helpline 0860 505 911, and by only using this service for emergency claims.


For any non-emergency claims, please register and track claims online. We will require the following information when a claim is reported:


Non-motor claims (damage to buildings and their content)


Please provide us with a full description of any emergency repairs that have been done or arrangements you have made to assist the client. It’s best to have a proactive approach to minimise damage and to help get our clients’ lives back to normal as soon as possible. Should there be any uncertainty, please speak to any of our claims managers for guidance.


Information required during the registration of a non-motor (building and content) claim:


  • Have any emergency repairs been arranged already? (These include damage to third parties’ property)
  • If yes, provide information regarding the scope of emergency repairs done and send the invoice to documents@santam.co.za;
  • Detailed information about the circumstances of the incident.
  • Were the windows damaged, i.e. how many windows, if possible?
  • Was the roof damaged, i.e. what type of roof?
  • Did water enter the inside of your premises?
  • Is there any damage to the contents of your residence / business?
  • Is there damage to any exterior walls?
  • Is the residence habitable?
  • Are you able to continue with your business activities?



Motor claims


This information is required during the registration of a motor claim:


  • Was the vehicle engine completely submerged in water? If so, please do not try to start the vehicle but allow Santam to arrange for the vehicle to be recovered.
  • Water levels on inside cabin of vehicle? Are the carpets wet or did the water level reach the seats or the steering wheel?
  • Was the vehicle switched on or idling at the time of being submerged? Once again, please do not try to start the vehicle.
  • Is the vehicle driveable? If not, please indicate the location of the vehicle in terms of address and contact details to allow us to arrange for the vehicle to be recovered.
  • Have any emergency repairs been arranged already? (These include damage to third parties’ property).
  • If yes, provide information regarding the scope of emergency repairs done and send the invoice to documents@santam.co.za.
  • If not, what is the extent of the damage with regard to rendering the vehicle drivable with regard to motor glass, side mirrors, tail lights, headlights, exterior or interior of the vehicle?
  • If you report your claim via the broker portal/mainframe, please capture information relating to the above-mentioned questions under Additional Notes or as a claims note. Also, please do not change the system estimates unless you have a quotation/invoice. This will ensure claims are immediately segmented to the correct assessment channel.


Please encourage clients to carry out emergency repair work, where necessary, in order to minimise further damage. Our claims team will provide guidance with regard to emergency repairs during the registration process.


Remember that once the claim is registered, you are able to track its progress online via our broker portal. You will also find the contact information of the dedicated Claim Service Consultant (CSC) appointed to the claim, should you have any further queries.  


Registering claims on the Santam app or client site


For Santam clients, managing their business insurance has never been easier with our dedicated client website and Santam app. Here they can get quick and easy access to their entire insurance portfolio to view policy details and request adjustments, and to report and track claims – should they wish to do so themselves. Share this link with clients where they can find the full list of documents they will need to submit with their claim - e.g. a SAPS case number. Giving clients control over their claims process is just another way that we do insurance good and proper.


Get in touch with your relationship manager if you have any queries about the Santam claims process or our insurance products for damaged cars. For more advice tailored to intermediaries, visit our blog for useful product-related articles.