What you need to know when moving to a new home

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Recently, we spoke to five local experts to get their advice on what you need to know about buying a home. Their useful tips can help turn a stressful time into a happy one. Our info graphic looks at the things you need to consider when choosing a new neighbourhood, the hidden costs of buying a home as well as the 20 surprising things you'll need when moving house and more.


We found that doing your homework and taking a good look around is a very good idea.


Have you thought of hidden costs when buying a new home? They say the costs of buying a house can be as much as 10% of the asking price, from admin fees to the more unexpected defects waiting for you. Don't forget there are a few essential checks you need to make before signing on the dotted line. Do our 'pre-flight check' and save yourself a lot of frustration later.


When moving day arrives, it's good to know that we'll look after you and your possessions while on the road to your new house. If something is stolen or if the removal truck is involved in an accident while in transit, your possessions are covered. Make use of our infographic to ensure you have everything you'll need to make it as smooth as possible.


We have your back, even while moving house.


There are a couple of ways we give you added peace of mind when moving house. We'll pay out for loss or damage to your contents in the following instances:


  • Damage to any of your possessions while visiting or staying with friends or family; for example: going to a friend's house for Sunday lunch where your phone gets stolen from their home;
  • Damage to your possessions while staying overnight at a hotel or guesthouse;
  • Damage to any of your possessions (TV, furniture or electronics) whilst stored for safe-keeping at a hotel, guest house, club, bank, safe deposit or registered storing facility.