What homeowners need to know about insuring a second home

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Whether it's a seaside cottage or a little cabin somewhere remote, quite a number of South Africans own a second home and the risks associated with it are quite often unique.


We've put together a few things to bear in mind when insuring a second home.


Can one policy cover two homes?


At Santam, you can insure your main residence, holiday homes as well as any other residences under one insurance policy.


In each case, you will need to provide information pertaining to the relevant risk such as:


  • Its construction;
  • The security measures of the home;
  • The value of the home;
  • Who occupies the home; and
  • The use of the building in general.


The insurance risks of a second home


Always bear in mind that regardless of whether the home is your primary or secondary residence, most insurance companies will have the following conditions when it comes to insuring your second home.


  1. You may need to get additional security measures such as a monitored alarm system; and
  2. The second residence must be furnished (i.e. it must not be completely unfurnished)


Insurance cover may be restricted in the case of tenants in your second residence but a typical exclusion would include malicious damage to your property.


Tips for insuring a second home


  1. Ensure you have sufficient security measures such as a monitored alarm system at the second home;
  2. Provide a reliable neighbour with a set of keys to access the property in case of emergencies;
  3. Ensure that somebody does regular check-ups on the property to prevent loss or damage as a result of burst geyser, leaking taps, etc.;
  4. Ensure general maintenance of the premises such as garden services; and
  5. Install sensor lights to detect unwanted movement



For more information about insuring your home (or your second residence), please click on building insurance and house contents.