How to maintain your roof

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Prevention is better than cure. That is why inspecting and keeping your roof in a good condition can make a world of difference to a big roof repair bill somewhere down the line.


We put together a few tips to ensure your roof stays in a good condition, no matter what the season.


Our interactive home explorer video takes a look at every day risks in and around the home including the roof. *This video is best watched on a desktop or other device on which YouTube annotations work.


In general


Do a roof inspection at least twice a year - once in Spring and once in Autumn but if you're only in a position to do it once, try and get it done before Winter starts. Check your roof sheeting or tiles regularly and inspect screws on asbestos type and iron roofs as they are prone to loosen over time.


Loose sheeting and broken tiles are especially hazardous during stormy, rainy weather. Not only do they allow rainwater through the roof and onto your ceilings, but they may also become dislodged during storms and damage property or hurt people on the ground. When building your home, it's sensible to opt for impact-resistant roofing as it will prevent any serious damage to the roof structure.


Start on the inside


Consider the services of South African roof inspection companies. When having your roof checked out, make sure you look both inside and outside. Look out for the following things:


  • Dark spots or trails from possible leakage
  • Signs of water damage
  • Outside light shining through the roof



Take it outside


When inspecting the exterior part of your home roof, make sure you account for damaged or missing roof tiles, curling, blistering paint or sealant as well as moss or algae growth.


Make sure your inspection services check for cracked or torn roof tiles and scan the roof for any problems around vents, pipes and chimneys.


Always ensure you check for rot or mold as it could be a sign of a water-related problem.


Are you covered?


Santam provides comprehensive personal property insurance which includes structural cover as well as cover for the contents of your home. Structural cover includes things like the walls, roof and windows of your home including fixtures and fittings. Speak to your intermediary or contact Santam on 0860 444 444 to find out if you have the cover you need.