How to reduce business threats with proactive risk management

Business Insurance Risk Management 3 min read 27 October 2021

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How conscious are you about proactively managing your business insurance? In today’s complex risk environment, it’s crucial that businesses understand how their insurance cover is structured - and how subtle risk management practices can reduce the frequency and severity of risk events.


The role of proactive risk management


To us, insurance good and proper means doing everything in our power to build and foster strong client relationships. We support our clients by offering proactive risk management advice and cost-effective ways to reduce their exposure to risks. Why? Because it’s more important than ever that businesses have the tools to protect themselves against both traditional and emerging risks.


If your business has changed, so should your insurance. We encourage all our commercial clients to review their risk exposure regularly in order to manage potential threats. Remember, adequate cover is the goal and effective risk management is key to achieving that.


Simple tips to protect your business:


Luckily, there are easy and cost-effective ways to proactively reduce your business’s exposure to everyday risks. Take a look:


  • Promote clean and uncluttered workspaces
  • Train staff on basic firefighting
  • Store documents and equipment safely
  • Maintain good standards around electrical wiring, distribution boards and machinery
  • Provide easy access to well-maintained firefighting equipment.



Lean on the experts


Intermediaries play a critical role in helping clients understand and manage their insurance. It’s their job to demystify complex policy language, handle claims and source solutions that meet your needs - all you need to do is ask. 

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