Crop insurance

We know your farm is important to you, regardless its nature or size. As your partner in agriculture, we aim to make insurance even more accessible, affordable and appealing.

We continue to invest in effective risk management in order to make a real difference in helping you create a sustainable future.

Our expertise and strengths

With more than 90 years’ experience, a country-wide infrastructure, comprehensive product offering and an unparalleled reputation as the market leader, we are equipped to offer you the best crop insurance in South Africa.

We understand that effective risk management is crucial and it is in this aspect where Santam Agriculture aims to make a real difference in helping farmers create a sustainable future.

The industry is faced with many challenges and Santam Agriculture has a duty to help inspire organised agriculture and agriculture businesses in South Africa. Commercial farmers will continue to be exposed to risks and it is vital they remain aware of these risks, and mitigate them as much as possible.

At Santam Agriculture, substantial focus is placed on illustrating the fundamentals of insurance to farmers. We know how much insurance discrepancies can cost the farmer, and so we spend a great deal of time ensuring that we offer real solutions and sound advice, relevant to each farmer’s specific circumstances.

We know your farm is important to you, regardless its nature or size. As your partner in agriculture, we aim to make insurance even more accessible, affordable and appealing. We continue to invest in effective risk management in order to make a real difference in helping you create a sustainable future.

The Santam Agriculture experts have comprehensive knowledge of and experience in the agricultural industry in underwriting and loss assessments of crops to help clients manage their risks pro-actively. They understand the fundamentals of farming and how the sun, ground and water play an integral part in the responsible development of the country and the Santam business.

Santam Agriculture values stakeholder’ business requirements and has a responsibility to help stimulate a positive environment for farmers. Dedicated IT infrastructure has resulted in a computer system specifically designed for effective crop insurance administration that can produce accurate reporting and analysis at any level of detail or summary required.

Santam Agriculture’s research farm, Mooihoek (near Bloemfontein), is an excellent example of how Santam Agriculture can add value for farmers and producers. The scientific research done at Mooihoek and in conjunction with other agriculture business research partners provides farmers invaluable information about the potential damage to crops at various growth stages. Santam Agriculture is still the only South African insurer with such a research facility.

Assist in bringing financial stability to our farmers by providing innovative insurance solution for protection against
weather related losses to growing crops.

Core strategic objectives

  • Assist in bringing financial stability to our farmers by providing innovative insurance solution for protection against weather related losses to growing crops.
  • Taking hands with public and private sector stakeholders in the agricultural sector to help ensure food security on the African continent.
  • To be the leading insurer of crops on the African continent.
  • To strive for excellence in what we do and never lose focus on long term sustainability throughout the cycles.

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Get protection for your crop

Santam Agriculture wants to help build a sustainable future for you and your family. Our optimal insurance solutions will help safeguard your farming heritage.

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Our 2016/17 climate outlook

Today’s farmer will face many challenges, the most significant of which are climate conditions. Our specialised crop specialist takes a look at what farmers can expect this 2016/17 summer season.

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The ground rules

All climate conditions are beyond our control but when it comes to farming, a few ground rules apply before a farmer can qualify for our multi-peril crop insurance product. Read through our norms and standards to find out whether you qualify.

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Take advantage of nearly 100 years of expertise and contact your broker or request a quote from us directly on 0860 247 400.

Crop solutions


  • For the past 38 years, Santam Agriculture (with its predecessors) has been doing crop research trials specifically for the study of simulated hail damage on agricultural crops.
  • The trials are mainly done at Santam’s research farm. To obtain information from different or more typical environments for a crop trials are also done in collaboration with other role players at different locations.
  • Hail simulation is done by physically removing predetermined percentages of leaf area at specific growth stages. The hail damage simulation
    may be on plant population, stem, seed and leaf damage.
  • The results are used for the compilation of new hail assessment procedures or to update existing procedures. Revisiting existing procedures is very important in light of the progress and development in crop genetics which leads to different reactions to damage as compared with older more traditional cultivars.
  • Trials are repeated to obtain at least five sets of results before this is then used to compile or adapt assessment procedures. These procedures form the cornerstone of accurate assessments to determine the damage caused by named perils.

Ground-breaking technology

Santam Agriculture has since 1976 had a dedicated IT team, from which has emerged an in-house developed, managed and maintained computer system specifically designed for effective crop insurance administration.

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