Here’s a smart idea. Save up to 20% for driving less

Save up to 20% on your car insurance premium if you drive less than 15 000km a year with SmartPark™. Everyone’s travel habits are different. Some people drive long distances every day, while others drive one km to their local grocery store only a few times a week. To us, it simply makes sense that people who hardly ever use their car should benefit from their low-risk profile. That’s why we introduced SmartPark™. If you spend less time on the road, you can spend less on your premium.

The benefits of SmartPark™

Savings based on your lifestyle

Your insurance premium discount will be based on your predicted kilometres within your annual policy renewal period. You can increase or decrease the original kilometre band at any time as your circumstances and driving habits change.

Easy to apply for

SmartPark™ is available to all existing and new personal comprehensive vehicle insurance clients and it is so easy to apply for. Simply submit the current odometer reading of the insured vehicle when activating the benefit and again during the renewal of your policy.

Not only cars qualify

A benefit for more than just your personal, daily vehicle. Cars, light delivery vehicles, and motorhome vehicles can qualify for this benefit too.


Savings good and proper

At Santam, we always look for ways to help our clients save money. SmartPark™ was launched in response to the evolving habits of South African drivers. To keep pace with innovation and deliver on our promise of Insurance Good and Proper, this new benefit is a practical solution to address the changing needs of our clients. And offer significant savings on their vehicle insurance premium.

24/7 Roadside emergency services

We look out for your safety throughout your entire journey with our 24/7 Emergency services, standard on all plans. View our services.


Day or night, wind or rain, we’ll tow your vehicle should it break down.

Jump start

Wherever you’re stranded, we’ll jumpstart your vehicle and get you back on the road.


Lost your key? When you need a locksmith, you’ve got it. 

Tyre change

Flat tyre? We’ll change it before you can say “where’s the wheel spanner?

Help and FAQ's


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Claims and Emergency Services

Tel: 0860 505 911

Which types of vehicles can opt for distance-based insurance?
Car, light delivery and motorhome vehicles can opt for this option.
Is this option available on all cover types?
The option is available for comprehensive cover only.
Will the starting Odometer reading be verified in any way?
The onus is on the client, who will have to provide the odometer reading after receiving a link from Santam to do so. This information will only be verified by the Santam claims assessor at claims stage.
Will the client be able to change the kilometre-band at any time?
Circumstances change, you are able to increase or decrease the original limit.

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