Game risk

It is evident that the game industry in Southern Africa has been growing, and all is indicating that this trend will continue for some years to come. The game industry is active throughout the year, with auctions and private trading increasing.

The Santam Agricultural policy provides all risk cover as well as limited cover for game. A new section, Game, was added to address the growing market. Cover available includes chemical immobilisation, capture costs following outbreak/escape, fatal injury extension, and veterinarian costs (pre-loss cost).

Specific conditions for cover

The policy is subject to certain general conditions, but also specific conditions that relate to
certain cover options.

Specific conditions relating to all risk cover of animals include the following:

  • The first 30 days following the transportation and offloading of an animal will not be covered (please refer to AMUA for proper cover).
  • The animal must have a microchip or ear tag number as identification.
  • The animal is healthy and free of visible illness, disease and physical impairment. We require a veterinary certificate to prove the aforementioned.
  • If the value of the animal is more than the average auction price of the species, we require proof of the value by means of auction invoice or sale agreement.

Specific conditions relating to chemical immobilisation cover for animals include the following:

  • A record must be kept of all chemical immobilisation treatments that an animal has undergone, as it is a condition of this policy that an animal must not undergo such treatment more than once in a six-month period.
  • The capture and release medicine must be adequate for the specific animal and must be prepared and administered by a qualified veterinarian.


Among other exclusions that can be found in our wording, some of the significant ones are:

  • death due to poaching, including rhino poaching;
  • theft;
  • death due to predation;
  • death as a result of dystocia;
  • any injury or death relating to transit cover, and
  • death of buffalo due to malignant catarrhal fever.


On our policy, we offer a few extensions that we include free of charge. These extensions are the capture costs (limited to R50 000) that follow an outbreak or escape of animals, the fatal injury extension, which provides cover for any injury that an employee of the insured suffers as a result of a wild animal that leads to the death of such employee (limited to R30 000 per insurance period), and lastly, the veterinarian cost extension, which provides cover for the fees incurred (limited to R5 000) for the treatment of an insured animal for the prevention of the
loss of the animal.

The only extension we offer that is not free of charge is cover for death due to dystocia, which can be included at an additional premium and excess. 

Please consult our wording for a comprehensive layout of the terms, conditions and exclusions.


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Santam has long since been assisting farmers with the best possible cover. We have been insuring game (wildlife) for many years now, but cover was limited to fire and lightning only. As it is important to stay abreast of the changing environment, we introduced the Game section where we also provide all risk of mortality cover for game. 

As with any other insurance, the insurance needs of farmers differ. The ARM policy is a very important part of the game breeder’s requirements. This is the type of farmer who buys expensive, exotic and rare animals for breeding purposes, whereas a game-viewing farm or lodge will most probably only be interested in fire and lightning cover.

To cater for the needs of our farmers as a whole, we have partnered with Associated Marine (AMUA) to create this product. As specialists in marine insurance, they insure the transportation risk and risks relating to that. This includes auction cover, where the whole auction enjoys cover for darting, transporting of animals, step-off cover, as well as darting and transport cover for specified animals. Upon request, this cover also includes veld cover for the first 30 days following the step-off of an animal onto the farm.


Cover options

Please contact our valued partner AMUA for specialised transit-specific risks and additional information.

On the Santam Agricultural policy, we offer two cover options – limited cover and all risk cover. Limited cover consists of fire and lightning cover only. It includes capture costs that follow an outbreak or escape of animals in case of a fire, up to a limit of R50 000.

As the name suggests, all risk cover gives a blanket type of cover for an animal, subject to certain conditions and exclusions. This option also includes the costs to capture animals after an outbreak or escape, up to a limit of R50 000.

We offer another option – chemical immobilisation. This cover pertains to the management of an animal and provides cover for the death of the animal following such darting, subject to certain conditions and exclusions.


We offer Sasria cover on our Game policy, at the standard Sasria rates.

Head limits

Santam is committed to assist our game farmers with the best possible cover. However, we do not have an appetite for high-valued, record-priced exotic animals.

Claims procedure

When an insured animal dies, Santam must be notified of the claim within 24 hours.

The following documentation is critical at claim stage:

  • a veterinary certificate (usually the one that was received at inception of cover) proving that the animal was in sound health;
  • a post mortem report confirming the cause of death, as well as identifying the animal;
  • identification of the animal, and
  • proof of the value of the animal, as insured on the policy, if this value exceeds the average auction price of the species.