Dairy farming

Milk and many dairy products are an essential part of most South African households and farming enterprises, big and small. For commercial farmers, dairy products are an important source of income, while for many smaller farmers it serves to feed the household and to generate an additional income. Whatever the case may be, dairy products needs to be of the best quality possible, which is why its insurance is absolutely essential.

The Santam Agricultural insurance policy provides comprehensive cover to the farmer looking to protect his or her dairy farming enterprise. Cover includes protection against business interruption and deterioration of stock as well as cover which protects dairy producers against illnesses, theft and infertility of their livestock.

What we cover:

  • Fire
  • Business all risks
  • Livestock
  • Business interruption
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Deterioration of stock
  • Electronic equipment
  • Irrigation systems
  • Public liability
  • Goods in transit


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We cover the following:


Damage or loss due to a power surge added to the sections Fire, Building Combined and Office Contents is limited to R50 000, and accidental damage to geysers and water pipes is automatically included, with R1 000 excess.

Business all risks

Milk bottles can be specified to cover loss or damage. Contamination of own milk or of a third party’s milk due to inhibitors exceeding the maximum allowable levels as a result of the deterioration of raw milk contained in a freezer or refrigeration unit, caused by accidental, unforeseen and sudden physical damage to machinery. 


Underinsured building cover remains a common but expensive insurance oversight. Our comprehensive building insurance offering considers all the risk scenarios that your home or buildings are exposed to and helps you find the most appropriate solution for your home.

Business interruption

Our bonus option is a hassle-free package that takes care of all your personal insurance needs. It offers cash-back rewards for a claim-free period during the first two years.

Machinery breakdown

Machinery breakdown insurance is of importance to any person involved with the operation of machinery. This type of insurance is not only for large plants, but also for smaller businesses where breakdown of machinery could lead to a huge financial loss.

Deterioration of stock

This covers loss of or damage to the insured milk caused by deterioration due to unforeseen, physical loss of or damage to the machinery specified in the Machinery Breakdown section and indemnifiable under the Machinery Breakdown section in force.

Electronic equipment

An analysis has shown that lightning and burglary are the two greatest risks for electronic equipment, which is the reason why this section is important to our farmer. All equipment must be insured at new replacement value and policies should be reviewed at least once a year.

Irrigation systems

The modern farmer uses sophisticated irrigation systems to water his fields, and because it is exposed to many perils, he needs to insure it. The farmer will have the opportunity to insure these assets on subsection 1 – Fire, or subsection 2 – Accidental Damage. 

Public liability

Fire extinguishing charges (including water-bombing costs) It is a condition that the insured must comply with the National Veld and Forest Fire Act No. 101 of 1998 (as amended).Product Liability Damage which the insured shall become legally liable to pay consequent upon injury or damage caused by the product (milk).

Goods in transit

Farmers tend to handle their own transport, which makes it apparent that the Santam Agriculture policy has to fulfil this need of farmers with cover without cover for livestock. Different cover options are available – from limited cover (fire, collision, overturning and derailment) to all risks. 

The benefits of insuring with us

When you are insured by Santam, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your milk and many dairy products fully covered by technical experts who understand the demands of the agriculture industry.

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