Ensure a rewarding guest stay while protecting your livelihood

Owning a guesthouse or B&B can be good business and can also be a fulfilling way of life - but it's not without its challenges. Santam knows how important it is to give your guests the best accommodation experience possible. We also understand the potential risks your business faces that could impact your guests’ experience, that’s why we offer tailored guesthouse insurance to help you mitigate those risks.

Cover as specific as your needs.

As South Africa’s leading short-term insurer, with expertise in developing solutions for your industry, Santam understands your business’s potential risk exposures and offers customised insurance for your B&B or guesthouse to help you mitigate those risks.

Property damage

Get comprehensive cover for buildings, private dwellings and building contents. We cover a wide range of risks including subsistence and landslip, damage to garden and water features, deterioration of food, and employee and guest belongings.


Whether money is kept on your premises or you need to transport it to the bank, we have the cover for you.

Guesthouse vehicles

Full and limited vehicle cover options that extend to cars, bakkies, trailers, caravans, and motorcycles are available. Additional insurance such as emergency accommodation, emergency medical costs, and trauma are included at no additional cost.

Liability insurance

As a business owner, you know there’s a lot that can go wrong during day-to-day operations. Our liability insurance provides cover if you or an employee cause damage to someone else’s property, if you are held liable for a third-party injury or death as well as other risks.

Business interruption

If your business is not operating, you’re not earning. If your guesthouse or B&B experiences prolonged interruption, unexpected expenses or reduced income due to armed robbery, cancellation, suspension of liquor license, and other risks, we’ve got you covered.

Umbrella liability

Get additional top-up cover on your standard liability policy for reassurance that your guesthouse or B&B is fully protected against every eventuality.

Value-added services

Lexcorp (Pty) Ltd

Get the advice and information you need at a moment’s notice. Our business partner, LEX Assist, offers you a broad-based legal support service within territorial limits, including 24/7 telephonic legal advice, document services, and direct legal consultation.

Europ Assistance

In times of crisis, we’re here for you. Santam’s cover gives you access to our business partner, Europ Assistance, and provides free medical advice, emergency medical transport and a crisis line.

Customise your cover

Our intermediaries are knowledgeable, skilled experts who can guide you through our many cover options and ensure you get the right insurance for your specific needs.

Help and FAQ's

Claims and emergencies

Tel: 0860 505 911

Tel: 011 853 6681

Can guests or visitors effects be covered for loss or damage whilst at the guesthouse?
Cover is available under various sections. Contact Intermediary for full details.
Can I get car hire for more than 30 days?
Options for more than 30 days is available at additional premium.
Can extension limits be bought up or increased ?
It can be increased at additional premium, some maximums to apply.
Should the owner/manager reside on the premises to qualify for guesthouse?
It’s a requirement for owner/manager to reside on the premises.

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