<p>Santam card</p>

Santam card

Santam is issuing cards to our Personal Lines clients for all non-motor claims. These cards will be distributed during the finalisation stage of a claim and clients should keep the Santam card in a safe place as these cards are valid for five years. Once a client has a Santam card, future non-motor claims can be paid into the card, which will be a seamless process.

There is a regularly updated list of the Santam Preferred Suppliers available to assist you in selecting a store near you where you can replace your lost items and earn substantial rewards in the form of cash-backs through the use of your Santam card. We want to reward clients who exercise good risk-management behaviour, so we encourage you to use the suppliers with whom we have negotiated these cash-backs. These will be loaded to your card during the month after you have purchased the items.

The terms and conditions (English/Afrikaans) of the frequently asked questions document (English/Afrikaans) and card balance enquiry function are also available.

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