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At Santam, we understand this and know that your time is precious. You need to focus 100% of your time and energy on your livelihood. With Santam Business Assist, we work hard for you by taking care of the administrative tasks while you focus on growing your business.

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Emergency and convenience services

Even with the best plans in place, emergencies can arise. Santam Business Assist is designed to help you handle unforeseen office emergencies with ease. Whether it’s plumbing, electrical issues, a broken window, lost or broken keys, renewing your vehicle’s licence disc or a driving service; we have someone to assist you

Services include:





Advance SMS reminders for licence renewal

Secure online verification and payment

Hassle-free licence disc delivery via courier

Home drive - a designated driver service that ensures that you arrive home safely after a night out with the added convenience of having your vehicle safely driven home for you.

Convenience drive – a service that will drive you where you need to go when you don’t have your vehicle with you.

Finance assist

Access to telephonic financial advice and preventative education rendered by highly skilled professional consultants to help you manage your finances effectively.

Services include:

Basic financial planning

Debt review, wellness and counselling

Tax assistance

Concept of a trust


Marketing assist

Access to experts to help you with your marketing needs. An online presence can widen your exposure to potential customers, bolstering sales.

Services include:

Corporate identity – logo design

Domain registration with a basic webpage

Facebook business page setup

Direct mail marketing campaign

A free consultation regarding additional requirements

Labour and hr assistance

Access to legal guidance via remote channels, complemented by on-site support if needed. A virtual HR Back-Office Support subscription covering HR administration with quick turnaround times.

Services include:

Dismissal procedures

Drafting of charge sheets and relevant notices

Guidance and advisory services with urgent labour matters

Advisory services related to contracts of employment

Drafting of standard letters and documents

Representation with regard to CCMA and Bargaining Council procedures, including conciliation and arbitration

Leave balance queries

The administration of onboarding and termination documents

Preparation of documents and letters (employment, promotion, maternity leave, retirement, and many more)

Employment contracts, medical aid and provident fund queries

Completion of UI19/ UI2.7 forms for UIF claims

IT helpdesk

Offers IT support on IT related issues for personal computers and laptops operated in small businesses.

Services include:

Troubleshooting or maintaining self-service websites

Software and systems support, etc

Business assistant

Spend more time running your business by using this service that is available 24/7 to assist you in the procurement of goods and services. Save time and money by using Tender Assistance to keep track of relevant tenders for your industry.

Services include:

Ability to specify the relevant industries which you participate in

Pro–active notification of tenders as they arise

Advising you telephonically after the completion of the tender

Assisting you with a professional tender document

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