Accident? Don’t panic – here’s all you need to know

3 min read 09 September 2020

Getting into a motor vehicle accident can be nerve-wracking. In the heat of the moment, you could panic or forget simple details. Marius Neethling, Manager Personal Lines Underwriting at Santam, says staying calm is vital. “Keeping a checklist in your cubbyhole is a very practical way of being prepared in the event of an accident.”

Neethling, who manages various Santam products to help reduce risks for the insurer’s policyholders understands road accidents are a part of life. “This is why we’ve expanded our SOS offering to include services such as 24-hour roadside emergency assistance anywhere within the borders of South Africa.

He says that, by taking the following simple steps after an accident, you can take charge of the situation.




It’s important to remember not to accept any liability for the accident, even if you were at fault. It’s best to let the authorities or your insurer handle this.

“Do not allow your car to be towed by anyone other than a service provider that’s been authorised by your insurance company or, if you are not insured, is able to provide you with details of a quote, storage facility and location,” says Neethling.

“Services such as these are often not well understood so are often not used. However, Santam’s research has shown that these services will help meet the needs of our clients and, therefore, we offer it at no additional cost.”

In addition to roadside assistance, Santam’s SOS services also include home assistance for call-outs of service providers such as plumbers and electricians, home-drive assistance within a 50-kilometre radius of the city centres, route assistance within South Africa, medical assistance and trauma counselling, and a 24-hour legal advice helpline.

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