Santam partners with SA-born Hollywood actress in new ad campaign

3 min read 08 October 2019

Santam, South Africa’s largest short-term insurer, has partnered with Lesley-Ann Brandt, Hollywood-based, South African-born actress for the creation of a new television commercial for the insurance company.

The South African born actress will be the face of Santam’s new ‘Say I’ campaign. Brandt, who immigrated to New Zealand with her family at the age of 17, now lives in Los Angeles but has always maintained her passion for South Africa and its people. This ties into her collaboration with Santam’s new brand campaign, which encourages all South Africans to own their achievements by joining the movement to ‘say I’ to protecting what they’ve built.

Brandt has most notably featured in two Hollywood TV series, Lucifer and Spartacus. She has also guest starred in well-known TV shows such as CSI: NY, Single Ladies and Gotham, among others.  

The commercial will be flighted on South African TV screens from October 8. Through the commercial, Santam encourages South Africans to take care of what matters the most to them. The new campaign aims to entrench Santam’s leadership positioning in the short-term insurance industry. It showcases the extensive breadth of the company’s offerings whilst also positioning the strength of the company’s claims paying capability, which in the past three years has paid R40 billion to clients.

The campaign creative cleverly uses the traditional English affirmation expression - “Say Aye” or “Say I” – meaning “Yes” to confirm certain questions posed and in essence saying YES to what the Santam brand stands for.  The advert also positions Santam as a more modern, relevant, inclusive brand that appeals to all South Africans.

Mokaedi Dilotshotlhe, the Chief Marketing Officer at Santam said: “Lesley-Ann Brandt was chosen because she fits the fresher positioning of the brand, is extremely relatable and fast becoming a household name in South Africa and abroad. She’s also proudly South African, just like Santam. She’s passionate about the wellbeing of South Africans and advocates for upskilling from a financial wellness point of view. She’s the face and voice of the TVC, leading the movement to ‘say I’.”

Brandt said: “Santam is a proudly South African brand and company. My mom and her sisters used to work in the insurance industry so I feel a deep connection to the brand and what it stands for. At this point in my career, I want to work with individuals and brands that are held in high regard and Santam fits the bill.  It’s incredible that this collaboration will mark my first time shooting and being on camera in South Africa. I started my acting career in New Zealand, so it feels like everything has come full circle. Now I’m working with a homegrown brand.”

“I just bought a home at the end of last year so taking care of that is crucial to me, which is the same for many South Africans. It’s about making sure that your loved ones and the things that you are working hard for and striving towards are protected,” she added.

She said returning to South Africa and partnering with Santam on the TV campaign also had a deeper impact.

“I have felt the weight of my responsibility to do what I can to give back to South Africa, which is why a big focus for my trip back home was to reconnect with my people and country and lend a helping hand through community and charity outreach. We are a truly resilient country. It continues to amaze me how we have made it through the most trying times,” she said.