Load Shedding: A surge of impact on SA’s Agri sector

3 min read 31 August 2022

Regular load-shedding is wreaking havoc in South Africa’s agricultural sector, with farmers bracing themselves for the impact of ongoing interrupted power on production schedules, revenue, sensitive electronic equipment, and crime. This means many Santam AGRI policyholders are raising questions regarding what their cover includes.

Hanlie Kroese, Manager at Segment Solutions AGRI, says farmers need to fully understand their indemnity from a policy perspective. “We strongly advise speaking to your intermediary or insurer to understand what’s covered when it comes to power surges and other load-shedding related damage. We know this is a tense situation and we are committed to supporting our farmers in whatever ways we can.”

The agricultural sectors most affected by load shedding will be:

Power surges are also proving a particular problem. These occur when the electricity returns after an extended outage, sending an increased flow of current to a wall socket or and electrical box. The same principle applies with standby power with the likes of a generator.  Power surges have the potential to damage any equipment relying on electricity.

In terms of power surges, Kroese adds, “Santam has extended the wording on the fire, buildings-combined & office contents sections to include power surge cover as an insured peril on all Agri policies with a limit of R50 000, with an option to increase (advisable). The same cover applies to home owners and the home contents sections.