Our priorities are to retain existing clients by improving their experience across the entire client journey and to acquire new clients through innovative product solutions and a multi-channel distribution approach.

Their needs and expectations:

Innovative, appropriate and flexible product solutions

Competitive and transparent pricing

Exceptional client experiences and ease of use

Responsible and appropriate advice

The assurance that we will pay legitimate claims and provide relief in times of significant financial strain

How we assess value creation, preservation or erosion:

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF), a regulatory and supervisory approach driven by principles that address the consistent delivery of fair client outcomes. Santam’s conduct is assessed for fairness to identify and reduce the risk of client dissonance

Voice of the Client tracking and analysis

In the latest OSTI Annual Report published in 2021, Santam achieved a referral rate of 1.54 complaints received by OSTI for every 1 000 claims submitted (industry average of 2.52), a clear indication of fairness and equity

Complaints managed by the Santam client care division

Monitoring of client Net Promoter Score

Santam achieved 6.9 out of 10 in the Hellopeter Trust Index, an online platform for client complaints and compliments. MiWay achieved an impressive score of 10 out of 10