Safety ideas

Thank you for for sharing your safety ideas with us South Africa.

You’ve shown us that our one-of-a-kind country knows one-of-a-kind ways to be safe. Entries are now closed. Finalists presented their ideas to our panel of judges on 29 March 2017. Meet our 4 finalists below.

Meet the 4 finalists

Meet the bright minds behind SA's best safety ideas.

Mbulelo Mpofana TrafficEye

App-based insurance telematics 2.0, giving users control over their data.

Steve Pinto and Ntandoyenkosi Shezi Jonga

Cost-effective security system for low income areas/townships.

Jonathan Shutte and Dieter Zermatten Bomvu Stake Initiative

Statistical and awareness tool that show where fatal road accidents have occurred.

Tharina de Lange Guardian Angel Safe Zone

Wearable proximity-based tag system to monitor GPS location of loved ones.

What’s Safety Ideas all about?

Simple, smart ideas that have the power to improve the safety of South African lives. Because at Santam, that’s exactly what insurance good and proper means – not only being there for our clients when something goes wrong, but helping prevent it from happening in the first place. 

We encouraged South Africans to stop talking about safety and to start thinking about it.. Everyone was invited to submit their one-of-a-kind safety ideas for a chance to see them become a reality, to which we received an overwhelming response.

The Jammer Scammer and Roam Alert were two ideas we conceptualised ourselves, but we look forward to sharing more one-of-a-kind ideas from the Safety Ideas campaign with you soon. 



The car alarm for your car alarm



An alarm for your bag



South Africa, you have thought about safety and submitted your one-of-a-kind safety ideas, it is time to present those ideas to our judges,  they will assist in making your  one-of-a-kind-idea a reality. 

Nathan Van Rooyen

Nathan’s passion for technology and its role in the improvement of both corporates and individuals have seen him establish a leading digital ecosystem for Santam. He has worked in various roles managing ICT in large financial service organisations. He believes this campaign will allow South Africans to take action with simple ideas that will create a safer South Africa and help make a difference. 

John Khawulezile Lomberg

Having worked in the financial services industry for twenty two years in various Executive roles, John,  Head of Stakeholder Relations and CSI Santam, plays a key role in ensuring that Santam is a responsible corporate citizen. He believes that through this campaign, safety conscious behaviour and safe environments to live, work and play can be realised. 

Asher Grevler

Asher is a trained Actuary, he is the Head of Financial Risk Management at Santam, responsible for ensuring that the organisation remains financially sound. He is extremely excited by this campaign from Santam and believes increasing safety, whether from a personal or societal perspective, is a concept that resonates with every South African.

Philip Marais

Philip is the CEO of the Nedbank Stellenbosch University LaunchLab, a Stellenbosch University (SU) based business incubator, started by SU’s industry interaction and innovation company, Innovus. The LaunchLab is not only active on the SU campus but on a number of other university campuses in South Africa as well.

Howard John

Howard is the CEO of Brolink an insurance administrator acquired by Santam. In his experience he has demonstrated ability to build relationships with the intermediary community at large as well as a good grasp of system and process related issues that have to be overcome with the implementation of big system changes.

Having been an integral part of the safety ideas campaign at Santam, he believes the ideas that come out of this campaign will make an impactful difference to South Africa at large.  

How it works

Five simple steps could be all your one-of- a-kind idea needs to become a reality.
1 Submit Your Ideas Online
2 Pitching and Judging
3 Concept Development
4 Develop Prototype and Business Plan
5 Develop Your Business

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