Safety ideas

Santam Safety Ideas challenge season 3

In October 2018 we made a call and asked South Africans to start thinking about innovative Fintech/Insurtech solutions that can help safeguard South Africa’s future. At Santam we believe that simple and smart ideas have the power to improve lives. Insurance Good and Proper means not only being there for our clients when something goes wrong, but by also offering solutions that will help prevent it from happening in the first place.

Congratulations to our Top 8 finalists.

Our Season 3 finalists show that it really does take a one-of-a-kind safety idea to make South Africa safer.

The Top 8 will enter into an incubation programme where they will fine-tune their safety ideas to get their products ready for the market.

Stay tuned to see who makes it to the top.


Aerobotics SA A pest and disease management platform providing tree crop farmers with aerial imagery and actionable insights about the health of their orchards and vineyards.

Virtual Drive

An auto-tech solution in the pre-owned automotive industry, benefiting buyers and sellers by streamlining the process of vehicle trade.

Vizibiliti Insight Specialises in alternative credit scoring platforms for consumers and companies.

Deep Data Focuses on real-time video analytics and alerting using deep learning, internet-of-things, and cloud technologies.

FinchatBot Develops bespoke Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbots to help financial service providers acquire and retain clients.


Machine Kind

Provides driver behaviour insights and advice to first time car buyers and owners.


Transforming unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) use with autonomous airships.


A niche insurance provider, targeting communities that are previously not covered or accessible by traditional insurers.



The car alarm for your car alarm



An alarm for your bag




Mokaedi Dilotsotlhe

Mokaedi has more than twenty-five years’ experience in strategy, marketing and distribution across the financial services and FMCG industries.  As Chief Marketing Officer at Santam, he is encouraged by the innovative responses of South Africans to the challenge of addressing issues of safety as part of this campaign.  He says this is an exciting opportunity for Santam to help turn some of these innovative ideas into reality and make our country more safe.

Ebrahim Asmal

Santam’s Executive Head of Group Sourcing and Enterprise development, Ebrahim,  is an entrepreneur at heart and following stints in small business and industrial development companies, he worked and studied internationally as part of various leadership development programmes. After a long and very successful stint in the oil Industry, he joined Santam. He thinks this campaign will give Santam an opportunity to develop partnerships that will improve customer service and help with sustainability.

Nontombi Marule

As the Director of Innovation and Technology at the Department of Trade and Industry, Nontombi’s responsibilities include developing policies and strategies as well as introducing incentives for technology development. She previously worked at the Department of Science and Technology as a Deputy Director of Emerging Research Areas. At the DST she drove programmes for policy stakeholder management.

John Khawulezile Lomberg

Having worked in the financial services industry for 22 years in various executive roles, John Khawulezile Lomberg, Head of Stakeholder Relations and CSI at Santam, plays a key role in ensuring that Santam is a responsible corporate citizen. He believes that through this campaign, safety conscious behaviour and safe environments to live, work and play can be realised.

Ray-ann Sedres

As Head of Transformation for the Santam Group, Ray-ann Sedres believes change requires out-of-the box thinking and innovation as a way to address traditional challenges facing business and society. Ray-ann supports the organisation in driving key transformation initiatives that create shared value for both business and society. She believes that this initiative gives Santam the opportunity to determine solutions that are relevant to changing society, allowing it to be safer and encouraging inclusive growth.

Pieter Venter

Pieter Venter is co-founder and CEO of Ctrl - South Africa’s first independent car and household insurance advice app. Ctrl was voted Best Financial Solution in the MTN App of the Year Awards last year. Pieter is a mechanical engineer by training but spent most of his career in corporate and investment banking, covering the insurance sector and other non-bank financial institutions. His love for technology and penchant for problem-solving are put to good use at Ctrl, a digital broker that will simplify short-term insurance for consumers and provide an alternative intermediary channel to the insurers.

Johan Etsebeth

Johan joined Santam in May 2012 as the head of Solution Delivery. Johan is responsible for the delivery, maintenance and support of all IT solutions for the various business divisions within Santam. Johan has over 20 years of IT experience in the public and private sectors. In his development career, he’s been involved in building systems and applications related to administration, biometric verification, claims, asset financing and general banking. One of his key objectives is to understand and be aligned to the business demand portfolio and finding innovative ways of creating affordable solutions for these demands.

Greg Macfarlane

Greg joined Edge Growth in 2012 within the Vumela Enterprise Development Fund and has subsequently been part of the founding team of the Edge Cape Town office and the ASISA Enterprise and Supplier Development Fund which manages over R400m on behalf of ASISA members including Santam. Greg is responsible for leading the investment team for the Fund which focuses on early stage investments into the supply chains of ASISA members representing the majority of South Africa’s asset managers and insurers.

Greg McDonald

Greg has more than 15 years’ experience in the strategy and investment space, with the last decade focusing on SME investing and development. Specifically he is focused on providing missing middle funding to businesses within the financial services sector, through his work in heading up the ASISA ESD Fund team. This provides an opportunity to fund good small businesses, with strong growth potential, which might otherwise not receive the funding needed for growth. These companies usually in turn provide value to the supply chains of financial services corporates, such as insurers and asset managers.

In partnership with LaunchLab

LaunchLab is a network of African university campus-based business incubators. An initiative of Innovus, Stellenbosch University’s industry interaction and innovation company, LaunchLab is a mixed-use business incubator that supports mainly technology and innovation businesses. It seeks to add value to its residents while differentiating itself from other business incubators through programmes designed to develop an ecosystem that accelerates entrepreneurs to the next level.