Seamless product

Santam Specialist Business has combined the highest level of technical expertise under a single policy to offer a comprehensive cover for large infrastructure projects. This consolidated and seamless product means there is no need to allocate separate project risk with multiple underwriting managers or insurers.

Santam Specialist Business developed a suite of seamless specialist insurance solutions to address the specific needs of single and mega projects relating to the Renewable Energy Independent Power Production (REIPP) as well as NDP-based infrastructure development initiatives across the African continent.

Developed specifically for businesses across the construction, energy and chemical sectors, financiers and lenders as well as state-owned entities and related joint venture initiatives, this seamless solution includes all of the specialist offerings by Santam Specialist Business.

These solutions have been developed to support at the highest level of expertise, and in partnership with the following industry-leading specialists:

  • Mirabilis Engineering Underwriting Managers (Mirabilis)
  • Emerald Risk Transfer Underwriting Managers (Emerald)
  • Stalker Hutchison Admiral Underwriting Managers (SHA)
  • Santam Marine
  • Santam Travel


Santam Specialist Business provides comprehensive cover under one policy through a single point of contact. This consolidated and streamlined solution ensures seamless project risk administration and access to the highest level of technical underwriting and insurance expertise.

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Cover options

Public liability insurance

  • Cover for legal liability for damages and claimants' costs, in accordance with applicable laws and procedures
  • Excludes the jurisdiction of the courts of North America
  • Cover applies across all property sections within the seamless specialist insurance product

Professional indemnity insurance (single projects)

  • Risk exposure cover for built environment professionals working on large infrastructural projects
  • Multi-year cover for legal liability arising from rendering of professional services, at an upfront premium
  • Includes Rectification Prior to Handover for professionals and contractors to avoid post-handover legal liability
  • Indemnity provided for in respect of damages, claims and costs
  • Bespoke insurance for a particular single project
  • Policy allows for and facilitates access to higher levels of cover
  • Provides a coordinated solution for a variety of professionals working on a single project
  • This cover is generally regarded as a prerequisite by project owners, developers and financiers.

Marine insurance

  • Marine cargo cover for specified property such as packaging material and labels
  • Cover applicable to land, water and air transit (including distribution via post), as well as storage
  • Covers loss of or damage to property as a result of fire, theft and accidental damage while in storage
  • Project delay cover also included

Contract works insurance

  • Cover provided for the insured property (Contract Works and Temporary Works), as described in the Policy Schedule
  • Contractors' Plant and Equipment cover valid for duration of project construction phase

Project delay included under both contract works and marine insurance

  • Marine and Construction Project Delay (DSU/ALOP) cover for loss of revenue or gross profit, or for standing charges as a result of delay in project start-up or completion

Asset insurance

  • Cover for unforeseen physical loss, destruction of or damage to the insured property due to fire or any other perils not excluded
  • Cover extends to sudden and unforeseen mechanical and electrical breakdown of plant and its machinery
  • Asset Insurance also extends to Business Interruption cover
  • This indemnifies the insured for loss of gross profit or revenue suffered due to interruption of or interference with the insured’s business, which, as a result, leads to damage or mechanical breakdown

Travel insurance included under contract works (medical evacuation) and Asset Insurance (corporate travel)

  • This automatically includes corporate travel cover for emergency medical and related expenses.

Riot wrap

  • Serves as a ‘wrap-around’ for cover provided by Sasria (South African Special Risks Insurance Association) relating to riot or strike action that leads to physical damage to insured property
  • Also extends to physical damage to assets of insured property, unless specifically excluded
  • Cover specifically relates to loss of profits, contingent business interruption and material damage above the Sasria within South Africa
  • Full cover for territories outside South Africa where Sasria or Nasria (National Special Risks Insurance Association, Namibia) does not apply

Contact details

Sales and Claims
Mirabilis: Tel 086 110 0100
Sales: info@mirabilisafrica.com
Claims: claims@mirabilisafrica.com

Additional Contact Details
Associated Marine Underwriting
Tel 011 912 8000

Emerald Risk Tranfer
Tel 011 658 8200

Santam Bonds & Guarantees
Tel 011 912 8353/8123

Stalker Hutchison Admiral (SHA)
Tel 011 731 3600

Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC)
Tel 011 521 4000

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