Risk Finance

We design alternative risk transfer solutions for businesses looking to

  •          Benefit from their own good risk management practices
  •          Reduce their reliance on conventional insurance cover
  •          Benefit from increased risk retention

Tailored solutions allow clients access to multi-peril cover and aim to reduce the cost of risk to clients over the medium to long term.

The product offering includes:

  •          Contingency policies for clients willing to manage their own risk
  •          Policies for clients who are unable to find conventional insurance cover
  •          Finite risk policies which aim to reduce the volatility of insurance costs
  •          Combined policies which offer an element of self-insurance in conjunction with a conventional insurance policy

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Licensing numbers

South Africa

  • Santam Structured Insurance Limited (FSP 1027)
  • Santam Structured Life Limited (FSP 1026)
  • Santam SI Investments Proprietary Limited (FSP 1028) 
The directors serving on the companies above are:

Directors: L Lambrechts (Chairperson), ME Dilotsotlhe (Non-Executive), QM Matthew (Non-Executive), HD Nel (Non-Executive), DN Edwards (Non-Executive), MP Fandeso (Non-Executive), PVC Smith (Non-Executive), G Arroyo (Chief Executive Officer), R Le Roux (Executive), PJ Meyer (Alternate to R Le Roux), Taryn Manikam (Company Secretary)


  • Santam Structured Reinsurance Limited PCC (License OC00006823)
  • Santam Structured Insurance Limited PCC (License C116015506)
The directors serving on the companies above are:

Directors: G Arroyo (Chairperson), Ms R Le Roux (Non-Executive), D Adolphe (Executive), A Fox (Non-Executive), W de Villiers du Toit (Non-Executive), S Alexander Mc Pherson (Alternate to A Fox and W de Villiers du Toit), T Gamedze (Non-Executive), P Jhugroo (Non-Executive), K Mamet (Non-Executive)

  • Santam SI Investments Mauritius Limited (Company Registration Number C40575)
Directors: G Arroyo (Chairperson), Ms R Le Roux (Non-Executive), D Aldolphe (Executive), W de Villiers du Toit (Non-Executive), T Gamedze (Non-Executive)