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Helping you efficiently manage your environmental rehabilitation obligations

As a business that is involved in mining, quarrying and associated operations, one of your biggest challenges in the context of environmental rehabilitation is how to satisfy the exacting requirements of the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR).

Choosing the right solutions for your bonds and guarantees

There are a limited number of approved funding vehicles you can use to make financial provision for your annual and final rehabilitation, decommissioning and mine or quarry closure liabilities.

The Sanlam Group, through Santam, Cenviro Solutions, Sanlam Trust and Sanlam Investments, have significant experience in customising the right solutions to meet both your regulatory and future financial rehabilitation obligations. Our complete end-to-end rehabilitation solutions include a structured insurance solution underpinned by an optimal investment strategy. 

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Why Santam Bonds & Guarantees

  • We offer competitive market rates and tailor-made world-class guarantee facilities.
  • Constant innovation and sound knowledge of the local and global surety market ensures
    we remain a cut above the rest.
  • Our extensive intermediary networks and solid intermediary relationships remain one of
    our core strengths.
  • Our client base includes BEE and upcoming contractors
  • We have the backing of reputable international reinsurers.
  • We have the backing of Santam, the leader in short-term insurance in South Africa.
  • In 2016, Global Credit Ratings affirmed Santam’s claims paying ability rating of AAA(ZA)
    with a stable outlook.
  • In 2016, Santam received a Standard & Poors (S&P) international rating of BBB+

Why Cenviro Solutions?

  • The required guarantee is immediately provided (and accepted) to the DMR, whilst the mining company is allowed (through a structured insurance solution), to fund for the future mining rehabilitation liability over a period of time, resulting in a positive cash flow.
  • These solutions are structured using a customized approach, therefore meeting the mining company’s cost-efficient, cash flow and taxation requirements. This results in the optimal solution to address the future mining rehabilitation liability.
  • Our clients will benefit through the various expertise that the Sanlam Group offers. For example, having access to various bonds and guarantees (offered by Santam and Cenviro) required by various parties (for example, DMR and Eskom etc.), whilst at the same time having access to the specialist investment skills offered by Sanlam.
  • Cenviro is underwritten by Centriq Insurance Company Limited (100% owned by Santam).


Find out how the Sanlam Group, through Santam, Cenviro Solutions, Sanlam Trust and Sanlam Investments, can help you customise the right solutions to meet both your regulatory and future financial rehabilitation obligations.


Why Sanlam?

We are a leading broad-based financial services group in South Africa. We have close to 100 years in the industry and are present in 25 countries around the world. In close to ten decades, Sanlam has set benchmarks for wealth creation, innovation and empowerment in South Africa.

We have:

  • The investment expertise to build up your capital reserves and grow the underlying investment – specifically using our absolute return and asset liability matching expertise.
  • We have the ability (through our specialist investment skills) to ensure that the mining rehabilitation provisions are structured in a manner that will result in lower, scalable insurance premiums.
  • These insurance premiums are critical to ensuring that mining companies have sufficient funds at the end of the life of the mine to rehabilitate the land. The right investment should grow over time and, ultimately, result in lower insurance premiums required to ensure a fully funded liability.

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