Court bonds

Court Bonds are suretyships issued by an insurer in favour of the Master of the High Court for the due and proper performance of the appointee’s obligations and duties towards an estate which he/she is administering.

The purpose of court bonds is to safeguard the estate against financial loss.  Santam will issue a Bond equal to the value of the assets in the estate, in favour of the Master of the High Court.  If the appointed executor/curator/trustee/liquidator/administrator fails to fulfil his/her obligations in terms of the winding up/administration of the estate, the Master can call on the bond to recover the loss/es suffered by the estate.

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Why choose Santam Court Bonds?

  • We are knowledgeable and with over 35 years’ experience in issuing court bonds which means we fully understand your risk profile and insurance needs.
  • We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times on the issuance of bonds made possible by technology through our Broker Portal.
  • We’ve streamlined the administration of the bonds process to ensure that our service levels are exceptional.
  • Our brand is stable, reputable and solvent.

Our range of insurance solutions:

Liquidation (companies) and insolvency (individuals) bond
  • Liquidation and sequestration administered by a liquidator (company)/trustee (individual) appointed by the Master of the High Court.
  • These bonds offer security that guarantees the proper administration of, and accounting by liquidator/trustee for all funds and property of the company/estate under his/her administration as required by law.
Deceased Estates
  • Administered by an executor, nominated in a will, who can be a professional in their field, such as an attorney or accountant.
  • An executor requires a surety to guarantee his/her proper administration of, and accounting by him/her for all funds and property of the Estate under his/her administration as required by law.
  • A trust is a document that looks similar to a will. It gives instructions for how a person wants his/her property and assets to be handled and distributed to his/her beneficiaries. This is administered by a trustee(s) and they have to be formally appointed by the Master of the High Court to act in this capacity. Types of trusts Santam Court Bonds caters for:
  • Testamentary Trusts are created in a will which comes into effect upon death
  • Inter-vivos Trusts are created during a person's lifetime to distribute assets to beneficiaries, e.g. Family Trusts, and RAF Trusts
Curator Bonis Bonds
  • Curator Bonis(Curator) is a legal representative appointed by a court to manage the finances, property, or estate of another person unable to do so because of mental or physical incapacity.
  • A Curator may be required to administer the estate of a major who is incapacitated, a minor who is incapacitated or a minor who is able bodied, however requires a Curator until such time as he has reached the age of majority to deal responsibly with assets either inherited by or awarded to him/her.
  • All Curators are required to provide security to the satisfaction of the Master of the High Court which is guaranteed by an insurance company.

Rates and limits

Our rates (standard rates set by the Master of the High Court)

  • Deceased Estate/Liquidation - 0.575% (incl. VAT)
  • Trust/Curatorship - 0.69% (incl. VAT)


  • Maximum Court Bond facility – R200.0m
  • Minimum Bond amount R40,000.00
  • Maximum Bond amount (per single bond) – R200,0m (subject to approval if applicant has current exposure).
  • Minimum premium R230.00 p.a. (incl. VAT)

Terms and Conditions apply. Subject to our underwriting criteria.

How to apply

For a facility:

New applicants must please complete the “Court Bond facility application” form (request from courtbonds@santam.co.za) and return to us with the following information:

  • A Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV) which must contain the tertiary qualifications, employment history and professional experience in the handling of estates;
  • Certified copy(ies) of tertiary qualification(s);
  • A certified copy of the applicant’s ID document; and
  • Confirmation of the applicant’s PI (Professional Indemnity) insurance cover

For a Court bond

For individual bond applications kindly send the request to our offices (courtbonds@santam.co.za).  One of our representatives will revert with the application form and list of requirements.

For more information contact: 

Court Bonds
 011 912 8351/8041/8380

The team

Clinton Spence – Head
E Clinton.Spence@santam.co.za
T 011 912 8123

Vanessa Loots – Team Leader
T 011 912 8354 

Palesa Sauhatsi – Administrator
E palesa.sauhatsi@santam.co.za
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