Cell captive

Centriq is an independent specialist “cell captive” insurance company with valued people relationships, risk-sharing partnerships and unique customer solutions as guiding principles. These insurance solutions are underwritten by Centriq Insurance Company Limited and Centriq Life Insurance Company Limited, and are largely delivered through our extended network of underwriting management agents (UMAs), brand affinity insurance business partners and our in-house risk finance team.

Why Centriq?

  • We treat our clients as unique individuals or companies by providing tailor-made insurance solutions.
  • We can be trusted to deliver what we say by ensuring that our insurance solutions are relevant to our customers’ needs, are fairly priced and are supported by a high standard of service delivery.
  • We are a one-stop shop. We own and operate both a short-term and life cell captive licence which provides our business partners and clients the convenience of getting their insurance solutions under one roof.

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General product offering includes:

  • Personal insurance solutions (asset, liability, life and health)
  • Business insurance solutions (marine, goods in transit, aviation, etc.)

Risk finance and alternative risk finance Solutions

  • Through our in-house team of risk finance and alternative risk transfer specialist consultants:
  • Single period contingency insurance policies
  • Multi-year funded insurance structures
  • Self-funded risk benefit solutions for employees
  • Blended risk transfer/retention insurance policies
  • The above risk solutions typically complement conventional insurance programmes and can be applied to organisations across all industries.

The benefits of insuring with us

Santam is the insurer of choice for millions of South Africans countrywide. We help you be safe and stay safe – everywhere you go. If you need four more reasons to choose Insurance good and proper.

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