Vehicle calculator

The car calculator can now be accessed on the client site. All Santam clients can register here for access.

What else you can do on the Santam Client Site?

Our Client Site has been designed to be your one-stop dashboard to view all your insurance information and update your details. Here’s a reminder of what you can do online:  

  • View and track  claims: see your claims drafts and open claims, track open claims or search for claims by relevant dates.
  • Correspondence: See all the notifications Santam has sent you in one place.
  • Policy details: where to click, the types of details you can see for car, home, liability and all risk
  • Payment details: See your bank details and a history of premiums paid.
  • Your details/Update policy: Here you can request personal info changes such as a change of address or phone number, or you can update your policy (add/remove cover, etc).
  • Risk calculators: To ensure that you are adequately covered, use our home contents inventory and buildings calculators.