Santam ClimateWise progress report

Santam was the first African insurer to mobilise the short-term insurance industry in response to increasing climate and weather risk, and has been a proud member of ClimateWise since 2009.

We recognise that climate change poses serious risks to the stability and quality of human society, and the global economy. We further acknowledge that Santam has a responsibility to respond to climate change and remain committed to finding ways for our actions, products and solutions to reduce the risks that climate change poses for our industry, our business and society at large.

In this vein we annually report to ClimateWise on the incorporation of their six principles in our business and decision-making, which is evident in our annual integrated report, and particularly in our Climate Change Positioning Statement.

We are pleased to present a summary of the progress report listing our actions over the year 1 January to 31 December 2017 against the ClimateWise principles.


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Principle 1

Lead in Risk Analysis

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Principle 2

Inform public policy making

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Principle 3

Support climate awareness among our policyholders

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Principle 4

Incorporate climate change into our investment strategies

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Principle 5

Reduce the environmental impact of our business

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Principle 6

Report and accountability

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