Groundbreaking technology

Santam Agriculture has since 1976 had a dedicated IT team, from which has emerged an in-house developed, managed and maintained computer system specifically designed for effective crop insurance administration.

The El Nino phenomenon of the past season gradually declined and disappeared in June 2016. All of the Nino areas are currently within the +0,5˙C to -0,5˙C range, indicating neutral conditions. A vertical cross-cut of the Nino areas shows a large area of water with a below-average temperature up to a depth of about 250 m that is gradually rising to the surface.

Specific conditions for cover

Beyond increasing productivity through effective procedures emulation, integrated historical, statistical and financial accounting recording was designed into the comprehensive database and can produce accurate reporting and analyses at any level of detail or summary as required.

This business information is available to personnel and brokers which enables efficient and accurate decisions to be taken in terms of evaluating risks and offering appropriate rates.

Via the internet web interface of the system, quotations are presented from and acceptances logged directly to the Santam Crop Insurance database, from which policies are issued and billed and all information regarding the products, rates and clients are available in real time.

A mobile application facilitating the completion of inspection reports for Multi-Peril Crop Insurance by field personnel has been recently
implemented. This application not only provides insurance information regarding the land to the database, but also enables the collection of GPS
co-ordinates as well as the upload of photographic images for each land at completion of the reporting session.

Implementation of a similar application for the gathering of assessment data is scheduled for the current season 2016. This will enable in-the-field assessments to be completed much more quickly and accurately, eliminating the need for subsequent information capture for data validation and claims processing.

Further planned developments include obtaining GPS coordinates for all farm and lands insured and not only those covered by Multi-Peril policies. The graphical representation capability of the insurance information database will be greatly enhanced, providing support for effective decision making at individual client levels.

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