Fire and explosion insurance

Everyone living in South Africa is aware of the high losses suffered by farmers due to the devastating effects caused by spreading veld fires. This becomes a particular hazard at the end of winter, when the grass is long and extremely dry.

Whilst most farmers may elect not to insure their own crops and grazing land against such veld fires, they may find themselves in difficulty should a fire spread from their land onto a neighbouring property. If the neighbour suffers damage in the form of loss of buildings, livestock or even crops, he will most certainly seek to recover from the farmer from whose land the fire spread.

General information on National Veld and Forest Fire Act

It is for this potential legal liability that farmers require liability insurance cover for fire and explosion, more commonly known as Spread of Fire cover.


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The benefits of insuring with us

When you are insured by Santam, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your crops and assets are fully covered by technical experts who understand the demands of the agriculture industry.
Our unique insurance solutions are specifically designed for the modern farmer. Take advantage of our expertise and contact your broker or request a quote from us.

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Value-added services

Our agricultural policy is extended to include the following 24-hour services/cover free of charge:

  • A personal health advisor (24-hour medical services);
  • Emergency medical services (ambulance, helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft);
  • Legal assistance; and
  • A crisis line.
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04 September 2017

Rainfall conditions for most of the Summer Rainfall Area are likely to improve from the middle of October. Still hope for some rain for the Western Cape in September.

Climate and agricultural conditions

22 August 2017

Dry and windy conditions started to occur more frequently over most of the Summer Rainfall Area with the exception of the east coast areas where some rain occured. Wild fires are also increasing over the Summer Rainfall Area as a result of the dry and windy conditions with higher temperatures that also started to occur.

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