Car insurance risk

Know your risk

Your car is an indispensable part of your life or business. Consider the many potential risks that your car is exposed to and use the online calculator to check if your car is sufficiently protected.

Insurance red flags

Incorrectly insured

Santam claims statistics show that clients' vehicles are often over-insured.
Use our risk calculators or conduct a professional assessment to determine the correct replacement value of your car or speak to your broker to ensure that you are correctly insured.

Insufficient safety measures

Ensure that you have suitable safety measures in place to secure your vehicle. Santam statistics indicate that:

  • Only one out of seven clients have a tracking device installed in their cars
  • Only one out of 10 clients make use of a gear lock

Speak to your broker or contact the Santam call centre to discuss relevant safety measures for your car.

Control your risk - Car

Lower your chances of an unfortunate accident by keeping your car in good condition, and ensure that those who drive your car have sufficient driving expertise. Simple security measures, such as having a tracking device fitted or using a gear lock, will not only increase the safety of your vehicle but will also lead to reduced monthly premiums. Contact Santam for expert advice on how to control your risk and manage your premiums.

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Reduce your risk – fast facts

Save your windscreen and your money

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