Broker training

For brokers who have received their results letter  and need to do some remediation work, the electronic version of the assessment tools are below.

Step 1: Download the required module/s by clicking on the links below
Step 2: Print the tool/s
Step 3: Complete the relevant questions
Step 4: Forward the hardcopy to the address below:

Learner Administration Team
Santam West End Office Park
Block A
254 Hall Street
Die Hoewes

Please note that the assignments files are large and take longer to download. The possible areas for remediation are:

Administrative Documents

Santam Commercial Insurance

Santam's Personal Policy (SPP)

Formative (SPP): attendance from 1 March 2016
Formative (SPP): attendance from 1 May 2017
Annexure A
Annexure B
Annexure C

Santam Commercial Insurance - Machinery Breakdown (SMK 9)  

Introduction and Principles of Insurance (INPRI)