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We want you to be safe out there, which is why we've partnered with a range of service providers to bring you exclusive discounts on protecting yourself, your possessions, and most importantly, the people you love.

Tracking and recovery services

Netstar — Get up to 15% discount on your vehicle premium

Accepted by insurers and motor manufacturers alike, Altech Netstar caters for a wide range of needs with its vehicle tracking product line-up. Its locally designed and manufactured systems have stood the test of time, and include latest Sleuth Nano: a small compact market  leading completely wireless phone in system unit  operating on a private radio frequency for ultimate recovery and quick installation. The Famous Early Warning Control room Self Notification System in an event of theft or towing with an additional panic button. Cyber-Sleuth: the most advanced GSM/GPS unit which includes convenient internet pin point location with log book functions and mobile application ability for ease of use on the go.

The pricing structure is as follows:

  • Free installation
  • Sleuth R99
  • Early Warning R189 with panic button
  • Cyber-Sleuth Supreme R189
  • Volkswagen Golf vehicle owners pay R80 for the Sleuth.

Contact Netstar
0860 122 436 (Customer service)
0800 112 222 (Emergencies)

Tracking and recovery services

Tracker - Offers tracking products to Santam clients at a reduced rate

Tracker is an Internationally-renowned technology company offering tracking and telematics-based services that add value and lessen risk for motorists and insurers.  We gather data to establish preventative measures.  Our technology allows us to pre-empt, and in some cases predict dangerous situations. We are able to map out and model regular driver behaviour - any activity outside of which sets off an alert in real time - allowing drivers, mothers or fathers the best possible opportunity to react to or avert a potentially dangerous situation.

“Some see data, we see solutions of tomorrow” – Tracker, Taking Back Tomorrow

Contact Tracker
0860 605 040 (Enquiries)
0800 132 323 (Emergencies)

Asset management and valuation services

Mirfin — Valuation Services

South Africa's foremost independent provider of building valuations, content valuations and risk surveys for insurance purposes.

Insuring for true replacement cost will allow you to restore your buildings to its original state in the event of loss or damage, without the insurer applying average to your claim. 

Most properties are found to be incorrectly insured for a number of reasons, such as:

Most properties are found to be incorrectly insured for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Insuring for purchase price or market value instead of current replacement cost
  • Applying the wrong escalation rate at policy renewal year after year
  • Relying on unqualified advice

Mirfin specialises in assessing sectional title schemes, commercial properties, personal homes and building contents countrywide..

Contact Mirfin Valuation Services
010 595 3883

Asset management and valuation services

National Inventory Data (NID)

National Inventory Data is the preferred choice for Insurance companies, Brokers and Homeowners who require an efficient and professional risk survey and asset register of all movable assets.

Santam clients qualify for a discount if they request a professional risk and asset survey.

Risk Assessment

The Domestic Risk Assessment comprises a detailed appraisal of the domestic homeowner's conditions, with recommendations on procedures required to prevent and or minimize the loss of personal assets and property during a burglary and or fire.

The main reason for the risk survey is to put you in good standing with your insurance company, and it will allow your insurer to give you guidance on how to ensure maximal safety for your property and family.

Asset Register

Each home in South Africa should have short-term insurance cover on house contents (Movable Assets). Very few homes have an accurate record of their contents resulting in individual home-owners being either over- or under-insured. NID places a solution on the table whereby the individual can accurately determine the value of their house contents, and in so doing, ensure that they are covered for the right amount.

This will also help prevent the application of averages - as is often the case - when a claim does arise. 

Contact NID
0861 643 643

Lightning and power surge protection

Surgetek — 30% discount for Santam clients on all Surgetek/ SALTEK products.

Surgetek specialises in all aspects of lightning and overvoltage protection. They have played a major role in drafting relevant SABS earthing and lightning protection codes. Surgetek offers a 30% discount to all Santam clients that elect to use the SALTEK products.

Contact Surgetek
0860 478 743

Asset management and valuation services

Spectrum Valuations & Asset Solutions

All Spectrum valuers are registered  with the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP), a statutory body established in terms of the Property Valuers Profession Act, 2000 (Act No.23 of 2000) 

Scope of Services

Market Value, Replacement Value, Forced Sale Value, Auction Value – Spectrum Valuation Services can provide these valuations across the full range of property sectors. 

  • Agricultural Property Valuations
  • Associated Consultancy Services
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Moveable Asset Valuations
  • Rental Valuations
  • Cougar Software
0861 000 066

Physical security barriers

Maxidor — 15% discount on replacement of security doors

Maxidor will provide all Santam policyholders with a 15% discount  on the replacement of any security doors from other companies due to a break-in claim, or on any new installation.

Maxidor's range of retractable security barriers are all fitted with the original Maxidor SlamLock mechanism, as well as their industry-leading strong flights (scissor-like bracing connectors). With more than three decades of experience, Maxidor is a specialist in the physical security industry. They understand the importance of quality security solutions to protect your home and your loved ones.  Maxidor offers a wide range of custom-made expandable security doors as well as fixed window grills to provide 'total security'. This will provide your family with optimum security and may reduce your risk and therefore your premiums.

Contact Maxidor
0860 131 131

Physical home security

Trellidor — Individually tailored to designed home and business security barriers

Trellidor has manufactured physical home security and commercial property security products for over 40 years.  Our range includes security gates, burglar guards, shutters and security screens in a variety of designs to suit all risk profiles.  We custom-make every security barrier for strength integrity and can incorporate most architectural features and embellishments.  Our South African and International franchise networks ensure we have a Trellidor supplier near you. 

Santam Clients qualify for discounts of between 5% (five percent) and 10% (ten percent) depending on the product range/s selected.

  • Trellidor Retractable Security - 10%
    T500, T700, T800 and Trellidor Plus T900
  • Trellidor Non- Retractable Fixtures – 10%
    T500, T700, T800 and Trellidor Plus T900
  • Trellidor Burglar Guard – 10%
    Pattern Type: Single X, Double X and Flat Bar
  • Trellidor Cottage Guard - 10%
  • Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar – 5%
  • Trellidor Clear Guard – 5%
  • Trellidor Rollerstyle – 5%
  • Trellidor Security Shutter – 5%
  • Trellidor Trojan II – T1000 – 5%
    Retractable Security and Non-Retractable Fixture

Contact Trellidor
0861 8735 54367