Building insurance risk

Underinsured building cover remains one of the most common yet expensive insurance mistakes today. The online calculators and information available will help you and your broker to determine the most appropriate insurance cover, ensure a hassle-free claims process and reduced premiums.


Know your risk

Your house is often your most valuable asset. Take a moment to contemplate the various risk scenarios that your home and buildings are exposed to, and use the online calculator to assess if your buildings are sufficiently protected against the impact of these risks.

Professional risk assessment

Use our online calculator and do-it-yourself inventory to establish the correct risk cover for your buildings, or contact the following professionals for a formal assessment:

Insurance red flags

Incorrectly insured

Santam claims statistics indicate that one out of three homes in South Africa are underinsured by some 30%. Make use of the online risk calculators or arrange for a professional assessment to determine the correct replacement value of your house contents under Know your Risk. Your broker can also help you with this process.

Insufficient cover

Whilst most clients have subsidence and landslip cover in place to protect the structure of their homes, they often neglect to provide for homes contents cover too. Speak to your broker, or contact the Santam call centre for advice on sufficient cover for your home.

Insufficient safety measures

It is absolutely essential to have suitable safety measures in place. Recent claims statistics from Santam indicate that:

  • One out of four clients do not have a linked alarm
  • One out of two clients do not have burglar bars and/or safety gates
  • One out of 13 clients live in a security estates or gated communities and are not required to have additional safety measures in place, such as burglar bars or safety gates

Speak to your broker or contact Santam to ensure that your safety measures adhere to those indicated for the specific geographical area.

Control your risk - Building

Reducing risk at home starts with a few simple and regular maintenance steps. Make sure your roof is intact, take care of damp straight away, check electrical wiring and service your fire extinguisher regularly. Based on almost 100 years of experience and technical know-how, Santam is able to guide you on how best to control your risk and your premiums.

Quality security

Click below for special deals and quality security solutions from Santam's approved suppliers.

Approved suppliers

Reduce your risk – fast facts

Additional burglar bars and security gates

Installing burglar bars and security gates could reduce your insurance premiums. A security gate that separates your bedrooms from your main living spaces adds extra security and protection for you and your family.