View our comparative table for an overview of our insurance offering for vehicles like your sedan, motorcycle or 4x4 luxury vehicle.

. Comprehensive 3rd party Only Limited (Fire and theft)                4x4  Luxury vehicles
Accidental loss or damage
Tow-in cost and safeguarding
Emergency repairs R5 000 R15 000 R15 000
Delivery after repairs
Tow-in cost and safeguarding after mechanical breakdown R1 000 R2 500 R2 500
Vehicle transfer cover
Replacement of your vehicle
Difference in excess for rental vehicle
Keys, locks and remote control units R2 500 R2 500 R10 000 R15 000
Medical expenses of passengers
Emergency accommodation R5 000 R5 000 R6 000 R10 000
Emergency costs
Recovery costs
Medical expenses of passengers (your family) R20 000 R25 000 R20 000
Trauma treatment R5 000 R10 000 R5 000